Avengers: Infinity War Certainly Is A Marvel

The best thing can be said is that Infinity war is a memorable film and one that is going to be discussed for a long time.

Written by Noah Garcia, Associate Editor

There is a scene in Infinity War where the audience stopped giving any reactions, and simply watched it unfold. Throughout most of the film, there were audible cries of joy and sadness, laughter, yelps and endearing words of encouragement. While most theatre’s are filled with noise from the audience, by the end of the film, the room was silent. The only thing left on peoples’ minds was, “I don’t feel good, I don’t want to go.”

I didn’t watch the first Avengers film until about three months ago. I am an avid comic book reader and a fan of all the films that came after the Avengers. However, I didn’t truly understand the weight and meaning behind Infinity War until I watched it. The depth of these characters and the fantastical world that has been developed, all began in the first film. Now, we’re able to see the results. 

Infinity War is the “foot past the finish line” for those who have invested 10(+) years into this property. This movie plays out as a huge celebration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  As a package, it’s an amalgamation of everything that works within it.

While some may call the film predictable, the sentiment should be rephrased. Instead, it fulfills the high standard expected of an Avengers movie. The movie delivers in the expected way, with all facets of film structure being fantastic as Marvel is known for. The film’s score and cinematography compare to scenes from Captain America: Civil War, with similar cuts, lighting, coloring, and framing.

These techniques work well with the film, complimenting the ever growing tension it has. While there are certain pacing breaks in the film, the tension slowly builds and crashes hard in the end. There are no real substantial growth for any of the characters,  but that’s completely fine because the film isn’t about growth. Instead, it’s about showing off how far the characters have come and who they are now.

Josh Brolin’s Thanos is an interesting villain. On one level, his reasoning isn’t exactly wrong. However, his warped way of thinking has brought him to execute genocide for what he thinks is the good of the universe.

Discussing a film like this, especially when one is trying to not spoil anything, is difficult. The best thing can be said is that Infinity War is a memorable film and one that is going to be discussed for a long time.