Entertainment Weekly Debuts 15 Covers for Avengers: Infinity War

The newest Avengers movie is just around the corner and to celebrate EW has a new issue!



Anthony Moreno, Staff Writer

Entertainment Weekly has released an onslaught of magazine covers for their upcoming issue. Avengers: Infinity War the upcoming film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe just moved up its date to April 27 and now EW is celebrating by releasing fifteen magazine covers with all of the many characters we will see in the film. Yes, you read that correctly FIFTEEN different covers for the new Avengers film.

The cover stars include all of your favorite Avengers and some new heroes joining the troupe. Black Panther standouts Okoye and Shuri have made the cover. The Guardians of the Galaxy are also joining in on the fun debuting a new teenage Groot.

Probably the most exciting cover is the standalone Thanos edition. The Mad Titan as he’s referred to in the comics is the main villain, whose Infinity Gauntlet is used to destroy the world. Noticeably absent from these covers are Thanos’ henchman The Black Order who are rumored to be some more of his children. Two we have already met Gamora and Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy. CEO of Marvel, Kevin Feige has said The Black Order will be voiced by a famous voice cast which will most likely be announced closer to the release date.

The Avengers cover will hit newsstands this Friday. The issue includes a behind the scenes set visit and reveals a funny scene with Rocket and The Winter Soldier that dates back to the first Guardians film. It also includes

  • Q&A with Josh Brolin on the origin of Thanos.
  • A “family tree” outlining all the character connections of the MCU.
  • A collection of the iconic weapons of the Marvel movies.
  • Robert Downey Jr. on Tony Stark’s destiny.
  • A breakdown of the Infinity Stones and their current whereabouts.
  • Comic book recommendations by character.
  • Ultimate MCU playlist.
  • A look at the evolution of female superheroes.
  • Director Jon Favreau on how Iron Man started it all.
  • Concept Art: Ryan Meindering’s alternate costume drawings