Superstition Review


Photo courtesy of SyFy YouTube channel.

Danielle Anzures , Reporter

Superstition premiered September 20 on the SyFy channel and it needs some work, but it’s interesting. The show takes place in

The show takes place in small-town La Rochelle in Georgia where main character Calvin Hastings, played by Brad James, comes back home after spending 16 years of serving in the military.

The family-run the town’s morgue and funeral home while simultaneously combating the supernatural happenings of the town. His parents, Isaac played by Mario Van Peebles and Bea played by Robinne Lee, lost contact with him after his departure and have opposite reactions to his return.

Giving away more of the plot would ruin it for any potential watchers, but here’s a brief introduction to the pilot, a strange and mysterious figure enters the town and brings hell with him in the form of coins with snake designs.

The acting from the main characters is pretty good and most of the characters are likable, though it should be advised to not get attached since the show appears to be trigger happy.

The dialogue also deserves props, at times it gets really ridiculous and to some extent, the show will poke fun at it. At one point Calvin references Supernatural, a fairly popular show on the channel The CW that deals with, you guessed it, the supernatural. Campy is definitely the best descriptor of the show with its B movie horror vibes.

The style of the show is also a bit over the top, the house set is a prime example of this, but it doesn’t take away from the show.

The special effects, on the other hand, are pretty bad. This wouldn’t be a huge problem, but this is a show that relies heavily on effects that go hand in hand with the story. So when something important to the storyline like the snakes looking silly it can take away from what’s happening on the screen.

Another thing that can draw watchers out of the experience is the choreographed fight scenes, the issue is sometimes these scenes look obviously fake. This wouldn’t be a big issue if weren’t for that fact the fight scenes are usually paired with already not so good special effects which just make it look even more awkward.

This show isn’t bad, it has potential to get better and if the season continues on with a strong plot it can probably be great, only time will tell. If the show seems up your alley, you can watch the first episode on demand or on SyFy’s website as well as their YouTube channel.