Chance the Rapper’s “Be Encouraged” Tour kicks off

After Chance the Rapper’s last tour  “Family Matters” ended, he began tackling different issues in his community.  The schools in Chicago have been deprived of a higher education and the mayor of Chicago has yet to take action on the matter.  Chance the rapper decided to take matters into his own hands and meet with the mayor to discuss a few topics to better the city he grew up in.

After the meeting, Chance was livid about the concerns discussed.  He began to take his power of fame and use the media to get the people of Chicago, and all over the world, to better the education of the children of Chicago. This is where the idea of the name of his tour came about, the “Be Encouraged Tour.”

The tour kicked off Monday, April 24 in San Diego. General admission fans began lining up early in the afternoon to get the best seats in the arena. Chance’s opener, DJ Oreo, began his set to hype up the crowd.  The fans went crazy after DJ Oreo’s performance. DJ Oreo ended his set by telling the crowd that anything was possible, they could be the performer up on stage. He ended by saying “Anything is possible as long as you work to get it. Be encouraged!”

Chance the Rapper came out on stage at 9:30 and opened with his popular song “Blessings.” As the night went on Chance put on a great performance for the crowd and debuted his version of  “Waves” from Kanye West’s album “ The Life of Pablo.” Chance then stopped the concert to pray for his fans and the rest of the tour. He ended the concert with a stage that stretched out all around the arena, so that every fan could see Chance. The concert overall was emotional, and different from his past tours because of the variety in music and performance style.