Halsey’s ‘Colors’: an infatuated love story 

Courtesy of YouTube

Written by Rafael Alvarado, Staff Writer

The rising princess of pop Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, better known by her stage name Halsey, released her music video for the song “Colors,” from her freshman album Badlands, released on Feb. 25.

After many speculations and rumors surfacing around the web about which single and music video would be next, we got the confirmation from Halsey herself. She posted snippets and an actual date for this music video.

As her second single from Badlands’ “Colors,” this felt like the perfect song to produce into a music video. Although the fans were baffled as to how the relation between the video and song would fit, Halsey responded, “music videos are art set to music cinema that accompanies a vibe.”

Halsey artistically went for the preppy-school-girl-falling-in-love scenario. As soon as the music video starts, viewers see a teen girl taking a photo of something in the distance, which she does in various scenes throughout the video.

During these specific scenes, fans need to pay close attention because these scenes allow viewers to understand the ending in the music video. Teen Halsey experiences love for the first time because we see her roll around in bed doodling in her notebook about her love, and in one scene, gossiping to her friends, telling them “he’s so cute.”

By the end, fans see Halsey’s character rushing to open her locker before her presumed boyfriend approaches her. As Halsey’s character struggles to open her locker, the photographs fall onto the floor. Her boyfriend helps her pick up the fallen photographs and sees her true desire in the photos.

Fans of Halsey are left with a not-so-pleasing experience because the whole concept felt played out up to a certain altercation in the video where you find out her secret. Emotions you would get from Halsey at a live show protrudes from the screen.

The music video brings up these repressed memories for fans who have dealt with similar situations of woe.

Halsey wrote of an infatuated love, which helped the audience have a better connection and understanding of the video. The visual affects were alluring, drawing attention to the already intense feelings from Halsey made the video much more memorable. In the video, when her lyrics alter into a mini dialogue, “you were red and you liked me because I was blue/you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky/and you decided purple just wasn’t for you,” she didn’t put any effort or much emotion into it.

Despite it being a favorite lyric for many, the scene was simple and emotionless. As a whole, the ending was predictable, but unexpected. The music video abruptly ends causing the viewer to re-watch the last scene in order to get the satisfaction of a worthy ending.

Although predictable, “Colors” has the power to draw in an audience of loyal followers to a dramatic soap opera of emotions. The music video brings up these repressed memories for fans who have dealt with similar situations of woe.

Halsey deserves her success because it is evident from the content she creates that she is worthy of the attention she garners. With Halsey originally ruling the indie scene, she’s done the work and made a name for herself, pushing herself to finally cross over into main stream.