Lalo Alcaraz hosts advanced screening of ‘Bordertown’

Writer, artist, and cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz and Executive Producer Mark Hentemann hosted an advanced screening of their show “Bordertown” at the Wray Theater on Oct. 15, in order to promote the new series.

The screening began with opening words from Dean of the Communications and Languages Division, Robert Holcomb.

Holcomb praised Alcaraz’s ability to incorporate satire into images that “send the social and political economic bullies stumbling”.

The stage was then handed to Alcaraz and Hentemann.

Alcaraz presented some background information about how he had been picked up to write for the show stating, “I had no idea it was a job interview” when he and Hentemann had met to discuss the “show bible”, which is a booklet that explains everything one would need to know about a new animated show.

After the opening words, they premiered their pilot episode entitled “Engagement“.

The pilot episode focuses on getting to know the two families: one white family, and one Latino family who live next door to each other.

The episode also introduces both of the main characters and fathers of the families, Ernesto and Bud, to the audience.

Lastly, they treated the audience by premiering their second episode, titled “Borderwall“.

The second episode tackles the political subject of a wall being built around the border.

In the episode, a law is passed that requires all undocumented immigrants be deported and a border-wall to be built.

The episode ultimately aims at displaying the kind of discrimination that would take place under those kinds of circumstances today and how Latinos would be treated.

Alcaraz and Hentemann then shared information about the show, and interacted in a Q&A session with the crowd.

Production for both episodes started in Nov. 2013 and were completed in May.

Since then, “we have just been taking them around for screenings and waiting for them to get on the air”, stated Alcaraz.

When asked what kind of message they are trying to send about American culture through the show, Alcaraz remarked, “we spoof American immigration policies… I hope it strikes a nerve that way.”

Hentemann also added that, “I hope there are a lot of messages packed in. Ultimately it has to be funny… and that is a perfect vehicle to put in a lot of messages or a lot of commentary about what is happening in our culture, and to point out the hypocrisy and absurdity in our culture.”

The show is a comedy at its core but Hentemann holds hopes to send a bigger message to it’s audience.

“I hope we expose some of the hypocrisy that is in the world. From my perspective, there is just so much absurdity in a lot of the things that are furiously debated in our national conversation.”

Hentemann stated that although political aspects such as immigration, and various other controversial and political issues are incorporated into the show; the first season will mainly revolve around “getting to know the two families.”

Bordertown is an animated satire comedy that tells the story of two families that live next door to each other, and is set to premiere in January.