Casey Veggies releases debut studio album

Written by Elder Hinojosa, Staff Writer

Review Rating: B

The young MC Casey Veggies from Inglewood, CA has finally dropped his long awaited debut album “Live and Grow”.

Veggies has always been in the middle, not retreating nor progressing forward, but when Veggies came out with his solo mixtape “Life Changes” back in 2013 it was more than enough to get himself a record deal with Epic.

Now that he has more of a corporate backing we’d expect “Live and Grow” to reach out to a larger audience but that wasn’t the case as it seemed people waited to long that the hype died down or maybe his timing was wrong with such a great year for hip-hop and rap, as it is hard for one to showcase their skills with so much good music to go around.

Nonetheless, Veggies came out with a good decent debut album.

Veggies displays his skills throughout the album in which he incorporates a different sound in each track and provides a thorough background story about himself.

Although Veggies is trying to tell his story of his artistic growth like on the intro track “I’m the King”, you also hear his father “Big Joe” praising Casey’s ability to make good music and his ability to focus on academics at the same time.

But you still get different aspects of Veggies as he switches his style from song to song such as on “New Face$”, where you get a bar for bar that can outshine others.

On “Tied Up” with female singer Dej Loaf, we get a Veggies that can speak to the women in a pop style feel that is also heard again in the track “Wonderful”.

While with “Backflip”, the notorious Bay Area sound that has become popular here in Los Angeles due to DJ Mustard recreating it in his own way, is heard throughout the duration of the song in which one can turn up to and party.

“Actin Up” is another Mustard produced track that features the signature LA sound with rapper Dom Kennedy that one can vibe to, as well as other relatively smooth tracks such as “Sincerely Casey” and “I’m Blessed”.

Without a consistent style, “Live and Grow” is more of a platter than a platform. Veggies still doesn’t flourish lyrically to give him that extra push in his career.

“Live and Grow” won’t be the most memorable album of 2015, however Veggies stays consistent with his music and perhaps his next project can excel him further in his young career.

Keep up with Casey Veggies and follow him on Twitter at @CaseyVeggies.

You can stream “Live and Grow” below via Spotify.