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All four of these rappers deliver a masterpiece with each of them having their own style and flow. That’s what makes each individual great and makes them the rap group in the game today.

Review Rating: A-

The first dog is finally off the leash again.

The first member of Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) Jay Rock has finally dropped his highly anticipated album 90059 on Sept. 11 after four long years.

Most fans were probably expecting more tracks from the Watts rapper after such a long wait, but in this case it’s better to appreciate quality over quantity.

Rock who is presumably the most underrated member of TDE, delivered constantly from track 1 to track 11.

The album starts off with the track “Necessary”, allowing listeners to know where Rock is from and prepare them for the gangsta s**t they’re about to get into.

Rock is known for spitting that “OG” style of rap, however isn’t known for the radio play with the exception of his guest verse on fellow TDE member Kendrick Lamar’s “Money Trees” two years ago.

Here on 90059 we see a different side of Rock. We see Rock experimenting with his flow, sound, and alternate beats. He displays this on “Easy Bake” where in the beginning he’s rapping with Lamar and beat then switches up as he raps with female vocalist SZA, who is another member of the TDE camp.

Rock shows he can adapt but stay true to himself as noted in other notable songs with a beat switch and guest features such as “Wanna Ride” featuring TDE member Isaiah Rashad, The Ways featuring Sir, and “Telegram (Going Krazy)” featuring Lance Skiiwalker.

The controversial self-titled track “90059” then arrives where Rock starts off screaming in the track like Ol’ Dirty Bastard perhaps? Who knows? Kendrick has also recently done the same with his latest release To Pimp a Butterfly. After a few listens, it grows on one listening, however hat is most notable is the message Rock had in the track as he explains to listeners who he is and what he had to go through while growing up in Watts.

“Gumbo”, “Fly on the Wall” (featuring Busta Rhymes), and “Money Trees Duece” highlight how Rock can tell a hood story without glamorizing the gang life and at the same time shed some light on it.

“Money Trees Duece” and “Fly on the Wall” are both prime examples of pain and aspiration of what he went through and what other people in the hood similarly go through. And for those not from the hood, 90059 gives a nice visual of what it’s like.

Without a doubt the highlight of the album is “Vice City”, a brand new song with Black Hippy, the four original members of TDE composed of Rock, Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Schoolboy Q. All four of these rappers deliver a masterpiece with each of them having their own style and flow. That’s what makes each individual great and makes them the rap group in the game today.

Jay Rock delivered on his sophomore album and it’s just the beginning proof of more to come from Rock, and what should be expected on the way in the next two years.

You can stream the album for free via Spotify below or purchase a physical copy from select retailers.

*Writers Note*

Go out and support your artist by purchasing the album. And if you didn’t or don’t like the album I’ll tell you something Jay Rock tells the haters. “You ain’t gotta like it cause the hood gon’ love it.”