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Christopher Pate Presents Memory Loop

Speed Trap (2)
“Speed Trap (2)” Gabriel Preciado/El Paisano


There are many ways of seeing art and interpreting it, whether it’s a painting, a sculpture or even a poem. The meaning behind an art piece is the meaning a person gives it and what it represents and looks like in their eyes and mind.

For any students that love art and like to spend quite a while thinking of what got an artist to create their art piece should check out Rio Hondo’s art gallery.

On Feb. 5, students gathered at the art gallery to see the artist Christopher Pate give his presentation on his art piece, the “Memory Loop”.

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Pate chose steel, concrete and dimension to make up the Memory Loop, so while entering the art gallery, students will find dimensional drawings and tall steel loops that look like they have been planted on the concrete rocks followed by posters which are hanged up on the wall with a couple more steel loops sticking out plus drawings of a lot of eyes in about three or four posters.

The colors of the eyes are all different colors and seem very real. “A primary component of the work of the last several yeas has been the use of photographs of the eyes, cut out and arranged in different patterns across the surface of the work.

These eyes represent individual as well as collective consciousness, and are concentrated points of human intelligence and energy” said Pate, giving us a little definition as to why he chooses eyes as part of his art work.

“I like creating situations that lead to questions, which then lead the viewer to more closely examine the world around them”, said Pate, “Let me know your ideas as to what my installation means and represents.”

To answer that question Jeff Felix, who visited the art gallery responded with, “To me the Memory Loop represents the cycle of ones mind and life. As someone creates more memories the steel loops seem to expand due to everything that a person has gone through.

Some loops are connected to loops that seem to either go higher or lower. This might represent that the high loops are the good memories of a person and the lower loops are the not so pleasant ones.

No matter what they all come down to the same loop from where it all started, the first memory of a person. The drawings of the eyes could represent that everyone is always reminded of something or someone when they see a certain thing, or go to a certain place.

When looking at that certain things or place, they look back at some of the events or experiences they went through which all leads back to the memory loops and the cycle of ones many thoughts.”

Every person might have a different opinion as to what the art piece “Memory Loop” could represent.

Although there are no more dates for Pates to give another presentation on his art piece, the Memory Loop will remain in the Art Gallery until March 6, 2015 for any of those students interested in taking a look at it, free of charge.

Christopher Pates eponynmous Memory Loops.
“Christopher Pates eponynmous Memory Loops.” Gabriel Preciado/El Paisano

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