Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Rating: 4/5


This movie is not just for kids but also for the whole family, people of all ages. Like most recent Disney movies, we see a lot of emotions from the characters ranging from love and happiness to vengeance and despair.

The main character Hiro Hamada is a recent high school graduate who is incredibly intelligent and spends most of his time in an alley using micro robots to fight for money. His older brother, Tadashi, invites him to check out his college’s robotics lab so he can consider enrolling and start putting those building skills to good use.

Unfortunately an accident takes place that causes Tadashi to tragically be killed. The main character, Hiro, then seeks revenge on who he believes was responsible for this “accident” accompanied by a robot companion built by his own brother and the companions he met in this college.

The plot thickens when we see that it was actually one of the professors (Robert Callaghan) that caused the horrible incident that killed Hiro’s brother. This professor is actually seeking revenge on one of the other characters for a separate incident that killed his daughter. Alistair Krei was the one who was thought to have committed the fire that caused the death of Tadashi but we see he was actually responsible for the accident involving Callaghan’s daughter.

Hiro’s friends include adrenaline junkie Go Go Tomago, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon, cautious OCD neat-freak Wasabi, and fanboy Fred along with Tadashi’s creation, Baymax, designed to protect Hiro and anyone around him. The characters embark on a journey on to confront who was responsible for that night when Hiro’s brother was killed.

Big Hero 6 contains those new kinds of scenes you expect from Disney nowadays, those sad moments in our hero’s life. We’ve seen this emotion from films such as Up! where the protagonist loses his wife after having her since childhood. These kinds of scenes are very effective on people because it’s something relatable, something that happens in real life.

Along with these scenes there is also a great message for children and adults alike. Time and again they promote anti violence over the course of the film. There are no traditional weapons used in the film but the fighting is mostly done through melee between both man and machine.

Staying until the very end of the film we see that one of the side characters parent’s is revealed to be Stan Lee himself! This brief cameo was a fun surprise for both the animated character and the audience.

Overall, the film surely shows very detailed animation and the kind of plot twist Disney is known for. Definitely a film worth watching with the whole family.