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Taylor Swift shakes it off with ‘1989’

Review Rating: 5/5 Stars

The heartbroken country girl is long gone. Taylor Swift has changed her image, sound and views on love, friendships and relationships.

The release of Swift’s album “1989”, shows that the young girl from Tennessee is now a woman looking for happiness in New York City.

Swift’s fan base has grown up just like she has. The young girls who followed her from the beginning of her career are having the chance to listen to her new songs and be able to live vicariously through her.

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Swift’s previous albums “Red” and “Speak Now” focused primarily on the downfalls she encountered in her love life. The songs on those albums varied from ballads to bubbly pop.

Clearly, Swift changed her way of thinking and song writing with the new album.

Songs are no longer about heartbreak or being envious about another girl’s life.

“1989” allows Swift to share the story of her friendships, adventures and life out of the spotlight.

Swift ideas of feminism and friendship shine bright within the tracks on “1989”.

Although Swift has reinvented her sound her song writing abilities remain the same. The tracks have catchy lines and are really relatable for any girl. Each tracks is filled with a story from beginning to end.

“1989” tells a story on the importance of girlfriends and having a fulfilling life without being a relationship.

This album definitely differs from her previous album and the change in her sound makes for great hits.

Official music video for “Shake It Off” off of “1989” courtesy of VEVO

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