Logan Lerman is the true star of ‘Fury’

Review Rating: 5/5 Stars

Directed by David Ayer (best known for writing the crime-thriller, “Training Day”), “Fury” was released on Oct. 17 and has received fairly positive reviews from many media outlets.

The film stars; Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, and Jon Bernthal as the five man crew of a M4 Sherman tank named Fury during World War II.

Pitt portrays a tough, “macho”, charismatic US Army sergeant in Don “Wardaddy” Collier, who swears to protect his comrades aboard the Fury throughout the war.

Although similar to previous World War II movies such as “Saving Private Ryan”, “Fury” captures the gruesome scenes the US Army faced against Nazi Germany, yet tells the heart-warming story of a bond created between a sergeant (Pitt0 and a recently enlisted Army typist (Lerman).

Lerman is the true star of the film as he portrays the soft, emotional Norman Ellison.

Lerman is well known for his main role of Percy Jackson in the “Percy Jackson” film series, as well as playing Charlie Kelmeckies in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”.

The intensity of the film’s action packed scenes of guns being fired, bombs exploding, and soldiers dying correlates with the growth and progression of Norman who joins the Fury crew after the tank’s original assistant driver is killed in battle.

Norman has never seen the inside of a tank or experienced the damaging effects of war. He lacks the veteran experience that the rest of the crew has and is hesitant to kill the opposing Germans throughout parts of the film.

Wardaddy has no choice but to show the young Norman the brutality of war and educate him properly, no matter what it takes.

Despite refusing to learn and wanting to give up his role in the Army, the young Norman encounters situations that help him mature into a true soldier and quickly establishes a bond with Wardaddy, who eventually becomes a responsible figure in his life during the course of the Fury’s war journey.

It is both touching and heart-warming to witness how Norman begins as an inexperienced “peace not war” type soldier and finishes the film as an underdog in a crucial yet pinnacle ending like no other.

The storyline is truly a fantastic tale with drama, death, and brotherhood all in one.

The cinematography rounds out the finishing pieces of what establishes “Fury” as a must see film and a phenomenal brotherhood tale of what World War II tank crews were like in the 1940’s.

“Best job I ever had”, says the crew of the Fury throughout a scene in the film.

A quote that truly displays the love and passion of the five-man crew of the Fury, and the real life devoted soldiers that fought the Nazi’s and protected America.

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