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Denmark quartet Iceage releases yet another gem

Review Rating: 4/5 Stars

Punk is alive in Copenhagen!

Danish post-punk/noise rock band Iceage return with the release of their third record “Plowing Into the Field of Love”.

The album was released on Oct. 7 through Matador Records.

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For people unfamiliar with the band, their past two releases [which all received positive review scores from many media outlets] showcase their wild vocals, chaotic guitars, and abrasive songs.

This time around, however Iceage decided to go a different route. They still offer their same chaotic songwriting, but with a twist.

The songs now have acoustic guitars, pianos and other instruments not often found in a previous Iceage song. The guitar riffs showcase a different style of chaos on the new album.

The first single from the album, “The Lord’s Favorite”, is a song that is all over the place. The track opens with a fast pace country type riff and continues through a majority of the song.

Lead vocalist, Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, has his classic signature vocal style but it’s much more passionate and wild. Rønnenfelt’s singing is in different tempos, keys, and timing throughout the duration of the track, yet it still works.

“Forever” is a track that is much mellower and slightly slower than the other songs on the album but still does not disappoint. About halfway throughout the song a string section comes in with Rønnenfelt’s singing and creates a very moving part. It makes you feel the emotion and passion the band put into the song.

Overall, the music off “Plowing Into the Field of Love” may not be for everyone. The music is very experimental and Iceage follow their own rules, if they even have any.

With that being said, Iceage are trying to evolve as songwriters with longer, more structured songs, and even throw in a melody or two.

Iceage are one of the few bands that try something new yet still stay completely original to their sound and offer new music that will keep fans entertained and growing in an age where rock music is not afraid to take chances.

You can stream “Plowing Into the Field of Love” for free on Spotify or purchase a copy on vinyl and CD through outlets such as Amoeba Records and Target.

Iceage will be performing back-to-back nights at the Echo in Echo Park on Nov 1 and 2. Tickets are currently $13 through

Music video of “The Lord’s Favorite” via YouTube.

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