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‘Art in Residence’: ‘What Do I Care? Part 1’

Rebecca Niederlander’s art exhibit “What Do I Care? Part 1”, is located inside Rio’s art gallery and leaves a lot up to its visitors. Cubes of all different sizes fill the room, but the artist didn’t leave them there.

The walls are lined with paper and simple instructions in the corner of the room. Write a secret on your paper and follow the steps to fold your paper into a cube to add to the room.

Not many artists have people get involved in their own exhibition, but Niederlander leaves it up to Rio’s student’s and guests hands.

The feeling of adding your secrets with other students and visitors makes you feel apart of a big picture.

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Each individual cube is brought together for a creative purpose, giving you a sense of camaraderie. The cubes are in separate small towers that build on top of each other and show the unity of the people who have participated in the “art project” curated by Neiderlander.

Niederlander is visually showing how people today keep to themselves and do not express what is inside of them.

In an age where social media is a platform to show all the fun and exciting moments in life, it seems as if people rarely have time to connect or confide in others when they feel the need to express what they want to say.

Overall, the project Niederlander has created is a success that deserves a well-rounded applause from visitors who witness the project firsthand inside the gallery.

The room has a very calming feel to it, almost as if everyone who visited and left a cube gave a sigh of relief.

Niederlander’s exhibit will be on display until Nov. 6 inside Rio’s art gallery. Gallery daytime hours are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Evening hours are from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Wednesday.

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