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Beach Fossils excite teenage crowd at sold out Los Angeles show

New York City “surf-rock” indie-rock band, Beach Fossils, performed to a sold out crowd on Oct. 6 at The Echoplex in Echo Park and excited a crowd that was primarily filled with teenagers in attendance.

The show was filled with young, “hip”, and trendy teens, eager to watch the  popular indie-rock band perform their hour long set.

Beach Fossils began as the solo bedroom project of New York City native, Dustin Payseur, before becoming a full band.

The band has released two albums (“Beach Fossils” in 2010, and “Clash the Truth” in 2013), and a full length EP ( “What a Pleasure” in 2011).

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The band signed to independent record label, Captured Tracks, in 2010, which features artists such as Wild Nothing, DIIV, and Mac Demarco on their roster.

Although their lineup has changed over the past couple of years, [former bassist John Pena started his project, Heavenly Beat and former guitarist Zachary Cole Smith started the band, DIIV] Beach Fossils have become a popular indie-rock act while still remaining somewhat “low-key” to some.

The band focuses on creating slow mellow “surfy” guitar riffs,  up-tempo bass lines, and catchy drum beats, creating a sound that has become popular to create among other Captured Tracks bands such as DIIV and Wild Nothing who both have a similar distinct sound to Beach Fossils.

A merchandise table was set up selling t-shirts, vinyl, CD’s, and cassettes from the three bands performing.

Fans quickly began to lineup to say hello to Payseur before the opening band started, and took photos with him next to the Beach Fossils merchandise table.

Opening up the show were two fellow Captured Tracks bands. The first being psychedelic band Axxa/Abraxxas, hailing from North Carolina.

The band is the project of guitarist and vocalist Ben Asbury who released his self-titled album earlier this year.

The second band to perform was Heavenly Beat, the project of ex-Beach Fossils bassist, John Pena.

Pena focuses on indie-rock that is heavily influenced by dance and electronic sounds, creating a sound similar to another Captured Tracks band, Craft Spells.

Beach Fossils took the stage roughly around 11 p.m., as the packed venue gathered around the stage to listen to the band play a set list containing a variety of tracks from their two albums and EP, “What a Pleasure”.

The audience instantly went crazy as they danced around, started small mosh-pits, and got on stage to stage-dive during songs.

Most of the enthusiasm came from the teenagers in the crowd as the older music-goers were primarily hanging out and buying drinks at the bar.

Beach Fossils were very solid with their performance as they sounded very similar to their album recordings, if not at times better.

Most of the songs performed came off their latest album release, “Clash the Truth”, including songs such as “Shallow”, “Sleep Apnea”, “Take Off”, and “Careless”.

The band also played their signature, classic hits such as “Daydream”, “Youth”, “Vacation”, and “Calyer”.

Beach Fossils definitely did not disappoint as the crowd went home satisfied with theirt performance, giving proof as to why the show was sold out.

You can stream Beach Fossils entire discography for free on Spotify and visit for future tour dates and merchandise.



Footage of the show via YouTube


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