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Slow rockin’ with the ‘Summer Twins’

The Echoplex located in Echo Park, works to supply L.A. with music from the best independent bands in the area and definitely delivered during their recent concert on Sept. 11.

Lolipop Records [a small, independent record label located next door to the Echoplex] put together the event, allowing fans to taste an eclectic blend of musical sweetness from The Buttertones, Cobalt Cranes, Tele Novella and the Death Valley Girls.

The highlight of the night however, came from the headlining band: The Summer Twins.

Hailing from Riverside, the band is made up of sisters Chelsea [guitar and vocals] and Justine [drums and vocals] Brown. The ladies do their best to incorporate the softer elements of rock and roll, adding a dash of pop into the mix. The recipe results in mellow harmonies, over reverb-coated chord, and gentle drumbeats that are accompanied by addicting bass lines.

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The easygoing attitude laced in their music was definitely reflected in their live performance.

Through the course of the night, the sisters [who play with Michael Rey Villavicencio on bass at shows] played selected songs from both their self-titled album and their more recent EP, “Forget Me”.

By the time the band took the stage, the floor was full of fans that had been waiting all night for their local celebrities to deliver.

The band opened up their set with “I Don’t Care,” which is one of the faster songs the girls have released. It was an anthem for the crowd, and faces beamed as they sang, “I don’t care what you do/It’s your life do what you want to”.

Unlike what would be seen at a punk show, moshing was not included in the equation as everyone listened intently and swayed along to the sweet lyrics sung by Chelsea.

Although each performance was almost flawless, the bands lacked significant interaction with one another.

One of the most exciting things to witness when going to live shows is the chemistry between band mates. Whether they are talking to one another, telling jokes unable to be heard by the audience, or dancing with one another; interaction always makes the band much more interesting to see. This would have been particularly fun to see considering Chelsea and Justine are sisters.

Regardless, the band performed well and kept true to what can be heard on their recorded tracks, proving the girls are full of true talent. The music was good and fans left the venue happy, resulting in a successful night.

You can hear the Summer Twins via their Bandcamp website at

Music video via Vevo.

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