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Code Orange delivers massive sophomore record, “I Am King”

Review Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

If you were wondering why Code Orange (formerly Code Orange Kids) dropped the “Kids” from their name, their newest album “I Am King” should clear that up for you. The Pittsburgh natives are shaking up the hardcore/metalcore genre this time around and have put out an album that demands your attention.

Code Orange aren’t afraid to take risks, yet the band that everyone knows and loves, are switching things up with a new twist and more structured song writing.

The album opens up with the title track “I Am King”, and sets the tone of the record: fast, in your face, and eerie. Later in the record “Dreams In Inertia”, the music takes a shift in a slower direction, yet without disrupting the flow of the record. The album takes a breath, but still feels heavy and big.

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“Your Body Is Ready…” may only be a minute and a half, but it is an intense song that will have your blood flowing and energized. If the opening track sets the tone of the album, the closing track “Mercy” is almost a summary of the album, with its heavy guitars and intense interlude. The song ends with the same tone as the beginning of the opening track to make the album feel whole.

The only slightly weak part of the album is the lyrics. The lyrics aren’t the most interesting part of the album, however, it does get the job done and are almost battle cries of the fans for live shows. “Thinners of the Herd” is a prime example, and comes the closest to the feeling of a live Code Orange show with its intensity, raw vocals, and group chants at the end.

Although the lyrics may be straight forward, and angry like most punk songs, Code Orange have put out their best piece of music to date and set the bar high for bands of this genre.

You can listen to “I Am King” and the rest of Code Orange’s discography on, or, as well as watch their music videos and view their tour dates.

Full album stream courtesy of Deathwish Inc. Records via YouTube.

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