Movie Review: Noah

The film Noah by director Darren Aronofsky, has picked up a lot of controversy within the Christian church, so this was particularity interesting for me to watch since I am Christian! I honestly really enjoyed the film!

It depicts humans wickedness, God’s judgment and the renewal of creation. There are obviously a lot of gaps in the film in relation to the Bible. For example: how many people were on the boat, the concept of the “Watchers” and the references to the forbidden fruit of which Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden.

However, what the film was about was Noah (Russell Crowe), being faithful to what God was instructing him to do. Noah saw a sign from God and would have dreams in which God would reveal His plan and purpose for Noah. The story is truly about Noah’s journey to be faithful in accomplishing what God revealed to him.

In a way, I feel that Noah in this film showcase how God is with us. In the film, once Noah and his family were in the Ark, he came to the conclusion that they all would die since the only other female on the Ark (aside from his wife) was barren. When it’s exposed that she is pregnant, he swore to kill the child if it was a girl. This was because he thought that God wanted them to be the last people to live.

When the babies (that’s right, the girl had twins) were born, Noah’s goal was to get rid of them. However, when he saw them, love filled his heart and he had compassion for them. That is why I feel the the film truly reflected that we were made in the image of God— having compassion of humans because he loved them.

Overall, the film was awesome! It was dramatic, had great music and was a good watch all the way around.