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Jae Murphy: From VA to L.A

The 2 good 2 be Tru tour headlined by 2 Chainz himself brought the talented Pusha-T and up-coming hip-hop artist August Alsina to the Santa Ana Observatory on Feb. 18.

The three artists put on an amazing performance – as always – and showed the city of Santa Ana how to “turnup.”  But this article isn’t about them three, it’s about the man that not many knew of, the man who popped the night off and kept the crowd hyped during the show, his name is Jae Murphy.

Making shout-outs to college students in the building the entire night, playing hit after hit and bringing music back from the 90s he got the this little venue poppin’ off big time. The talented DJ Jae Murphy made everyone forget how hot it was inside the venue – as it felt like a sauna – and managed to create a Vegas like atmosphere for the anxious fans.

Impressed and influenced by Murphy’s comment on himself being a college Graduate I wanted to know more about him. I had the honor of interviewing him at the Hollywood Palladium for the second night of the tour, where once again this east coast kid showed the west coast to a good time.

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After the show I caught up with the soft spoken charismatic 25-year-old Murphy on the stage – yes the stage that 2 Chainz, Alsina, Pusha, and Nipsey had just destroyed. He was wearing white jeans, a black leather shirt, some “bling bling” – a lot of it – and his lime green leopard print Roshes that matched with the lime green leopard bucket hat – or maybe the hat matched the shoes but who’s asking.

Murphy grew up in Chesapeake Virginia and lived their till he graduated from high school, he then relocated to Washington D.C. where he graduated from Howard University.

In his Early years at Howard he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to study, he says “I thought I wanted to study computers, I took my first programming class and it was challenging but it wasn’t hard to the point where I gave up, it was more like I don’t want to stare at computers for the rest of my career.” Murphy, a strong believer in god explained that he did a lot of “prayer” and “a lot of soul searching” to find a major that would really fit who he was “as an individual and as people person” which lead him into a career in broadcast journalism.

You might be thinking to yourself “really Jae, you got a degree in broadcast journalism and now you’re over here Dj-ing for 2 Chainz” – at least I thought that. But when he began to explain his time at HU (Howard University) it all began to make sense.

Murphy explains that while he was on his “broadcast journalism Journey I was named the voice of HU” where he hosted everything on campus: concerts, step shows, dance competitions, home coming, yard fest; and all the prime time stuff from 2005-07 – you name it, Mr. Jae Murphy catered it. He added that hosting these events at school are what lead him to find his passion for being on a microphone and that “ironically” he says with a smile “my dad is a preacher and my mom is a gospel comedian” and laughed.

A man of his faith, Murphy, says that he is influenced by god, he explained that it takes a lot to talk to a crowd of 1000+ and you have no idea what anyone’s name could be. He says “it takes a lot to talk to a wave of people that you’ve never met before” and added “it’s a craft… it’s about breaking the ice in the crowd” which is obviously something Murphy is capable of.

When I asked him what kept him going he answered with “God Really blessed me with the gift to talk to people that I don’t know, ‘THAT’S WHAT KEEPS ME GOING’” he stated boldly.

But why DJ I asked Murphy, and his answer couldn’t have been anymore straight forward “it’s my second language” he says, “My mom always told me that when she was pregnant, anytime she was around loud music or if she was at church or in a car I would punch and kick.

Murphy looks unbelievably comfortable on stage – as if he was in front of a group of his best friends messin’ around – and said that the first time he really DJ’d was when he graduated and was working for Radio 1, but most importantly he says “the first time I “DJ’d” was on the BET Music Matters Tour Headlined by – the west coast kdot- Kendrick Lamar” and “since 2012 it’s been a rap” said the confident Murphy.

He’s been everywhere this year from Canada, the Super bowl, to All Star weekend and trips to CIAA in Charlotte and upcoming shows with Problem – who he DJ’s for regularly.

When asked if he was satisfied with where he is in life he answered “no I’m not, No I’m not, there’s so much more to be done so many places to travel , and so many people to inspire and influence.”

This year, Murphy is going to focus on exposure he told me that he’s worked with 2 Chainz plenty of times. He is ready opportunity he gets and is going to take full advantage of it to expos his talent to the world, because he added that “at the end of the day it’s a resume builder” that will continue to build the name Jae Murphy as an artist’s go to DJ or go to personality – because did I mention he acts too.

What is “Success” to Jae Murphy I asked? “Success to me is completion of what you want and more, you can never have enough success even when you retire it’s something that you still feel that you can do if your very passionate about what it is that you do”

I asked Murphy for some advice for us college student and he – gave me the realest most influential advice I’ve gotten yet – said passionately, “For all college students, my suggestion, my advice, is to really pray for what you really want to do, give it to god in the universe, really soul search inside yourself, look in the mirror and find what it is that you love to do, once you find it, run with it and don’t turn around. Don’t stop. Find your passion. Run.”

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