‘Would you like a Tour’ wow’s OC audience

While Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, and the rest of the Anaheim Ducks were at home mourning the loss against the Pittsburgh Penguins; Miguel, Future, and Drake took over the Honda Center for the night on Nov .1 giving Orange Country Duck fans something to party about with “Would You like a Tour”.

Future stepped on stage at 7pm sharp in his leather pants, cool shades, and was accompanied by his DJ to pop off the night with hits like “Honest” and “Turn on the Lights”.

Miguel Jontel Pimentel of Los Angeles California or just simply known as “Miguel” made all the ladies –and some guys – a little dizzy when he did his thing on stage. The R&B artist danced his way on stage in his leather jacket and ripped jeans carrying a guitar and a shiny silver microphone.

The Los Angeles Native’s set was all about his current album Kaleidoscope Dream and performed songs such as How Many Drinks?, Candles in the Sun, and of course ended his set with his radio hit song Adorn which he performed not once or twice but three times.

Everyone in the OC was at the Honda Center on Thursday night – at least it seemed that way – including Willow Smith to catch a show by this young kid from Toronto.

His Name is Aubrey Drake Graham if you don’t know him for his music, then you know him as the kid from Degrassi “that kid in the wheel chair” and the last time he was in Anaheim was 2010 when he was the one getting the night started for the headliner Snoop Dog.

The freeway exits to get to the Honda Center were overflowing and the parking to the arena was jam-packed.

Drake did it big as he was lifted on stage by a platform soaking in the loud chants of “Drake” before the lights were even on. Then to the first verse – of what is said by many to be the best album of the year NWTS – of Tuscan Leather he got the night started, after that there was no stopping the boy.

To say that Graham aka Drizzy‘s concert was heavily concentrated on his new album would be a complete misinterpretation of the show. He did songs from his previous albums and mixtapes leaving everyone in an excitableness state.

Graham lined up hit after hit after hit. He followed his opening song Tuscan leather with two songs from his previous album Take Care performing Headlines and Crew Love; suddenly Grahams DJ went back to the Tuscan Leather instrumental allowing him to rap-up the second verse of the song.

And he didn’t stop there either, Graham did features like Pop That, No New friends, Fvckin’ Problem, 2 Chainz’s No Lie, and I’m on One reminding  everyone how creative and prolific he’s been since he got started.

“Oh, y’all want some more?” he bantered. “We can go all night, I got hunnits of these,” he smirked at the crowd then his DJ dropped Migos Versace instrumental as everyone in the Honda Center jumped and hollered “VERSACE! VERSACE! VERSACE!”

Graham surprised the crowd and brought Future back out on stage to show that there was no “beef” between the two “forget what you’ve heard this is my brother right here” then when everything seemed to be calm, both artist went right into future’s “Same Damn Time” song and the Honda Center re-erupted instantly.

Then he brought down yet another stage that was hanging from the ceiling of the arena which looked like a halo that was hovering around the floor seats performing 305 To My City. He took the time to interact with the audience shouting out at people walking around the 60 ft. ring for about 25 minutes of the show.

Aubrey ended the night with his song Started From the bottom  and the screen behind him was displayed a video compiled of Archival footage of the youngster opening up for Lil Wayne, and also including clips of his friends family and his family gathering.

Drake’s performance was unreal and being fortunate enough to attend several concerts this year I can honestly say it has got to be without a doubt one of the best concerts I’ve been to. The boy from Toronto knows how to put on a show and interact with his fans and at the end of night, that’s what you pay to see.