Local Metal band competes in ‘Battle of the bands’

Any metal fans out there? This weekend Sumerian Records along with Headbang for the Highway brought their Battle for the All Stars Tour to Santa Ana! This tour will be featuring some of the best up and coming metal and hardcore bands across the U.S. Spreading from the East coast to the West, hitting states from New Jersey, Nevada to right here in California.

Sponsored by Black Skull and Pirate Entertainment the featured bands this weekend included: We As Vessels, Anomalies, We As Kings, and Rio Hondo’s very own, Hydra.

Hydra consists of Erik Muela on drums, Brian Lopez on lead guitar, Robert Garcia on rhythm guitar, Javier Valenzuela on bass and Lucas on vocals. This melodic metal band from Whittier, with influences ranging from bands such as, Born of Osiris, Parkway Drive, Slipknot and System of a Down was fortunate enough to be picked to play this past weekend at the Battle for the All Stars Tour at Malone’s Concert Venue in Santa Ana.

This heavy metal battle consisted of a three round competition. The first round prize given was an automatic date on the tour this year. The second round winners get to play every show in California on that tour, and the Third round winners win the entire competition! This show was the first round and the winners were a local band out of Las Vegas, We Gave it Hell. This band was taken all over the U.S to play on the tour.

Although Hydra did not win this round of the competition, these guys consider Sumerian Records to be their top choice in a record label. “They truly care about the bands they sign and do the most to help them gain recognition,” Hydra said. The local band started off their set with one of their first songs “Cast Away” and lead into the crowd favorites “Chronicles” and “Porn Song.” They were happy to get the opportunity to play their favorite songs for Sumerian Records and grateful for the feedback they received.

Congratulations to We Gave it Hell! And best of luck to all the bands on the tour as they make they’re way through the competition!

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Look out for Hydra’s self titled EP coming out late summer and follow them on Facebook to catch one of their upcoming shows!