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Holiday Student Art Show showcases Rio talent

The RHC art gallery held its annual Holiday Student Art Sale this week, featuring a massive amount of students from the ceramics, photography, drawing, painting, and other art classes.

The entire gallery was organized in an elegant form, hundreds of ceramics pieces ranging from simple pottery to complex pieces in dramatic designs dotted the wooden stands on display.

Hundreds of ceramic pieces filled the carts in the center of the gallery and gave visitors an opportunity to see the variety of ceramic works that can be produced in the lab.

Alexandro Vergara’s piece titled, “4 handed Bottle,” an especially spectacular and intricately designed work that boasted tiny carvings along the handle.

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Along the right wall were various black and white photographs from the photography classes, which ranged from simple still lifes to more extravagant landscape shots.

Nahum Ibanez’s painting, titled, “Spray paint, skulls, gas mask ‘large,’” a mixed-media piece that features a hand spray-painting numerous images onto the canvas. A man in a suit and tie with a gas mask stands in the top left corner, staring down at other figures including skulls, a red devil, and a religious figure.

Kimberly Encino’s, “Butterfly Set,” was a interesting collection of beautifully inanimate figures, and her, “Jack & Sally Heart Coffin Set,” was a favorite among gallery viewers as it is based off the cult classic film by Tim Burton, “A Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Cassandra Flores’ illustration of a Loki and Joker comination captured attention from the comic fans of RHC. Her rendition of the characters is highly detailed and featured a great amount of color usage that provided a mischevious vibe to viewers.

This year’s annual show gave students, faculty and guests a showcase to remember with a mass amount of mediums and talent-produced works that ultimately rewarded the Art Department  with the 20% donations from sales, as well as the students who sold their pieces.

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