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‘The Dark World’ electrifies audiences with twisting plot first, action after

The Norse God of thunder strikes again with the newest addition to Marvel’s Avengers series. With “The Avengers” and “Iron Man 3” having been the latest movies of the series, “Thor: The Dark World” presents an aftermath to Thor’s own story arc, providing more depth into his character and his fellow Asgardians, including Loki and other familiar faces.

This time around Thor (Chris Hemsworth) faces trouble from the malicious Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) and his dark elves as they set out to retrieve the Aether, a dangerous power capable of destroying the universe

Released from sustainment and now found on earth by Dr. Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who becomes possessed by it. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is imprisoned in Asgard for his crimes on Earth, as previously seen in “The Avengers,” and is eventually needed in their aid to defeat Malekith.

“Thor: The Dark World” provides a promising vibe being the first of many movies to continue the Avengers series, and delivers with little bits hinting back to previous films, moments which just add to the lovability of the entire film.

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The film feels a lot like the first Thor movie, primarily because the cast is mostly in the close crew of characters from the first movie.

But it doesn’t make it bland or dull as the characters all express their charm fully and importance to the storyline; along with the added high-octane action all Marvel movies are known and loved for while still making new additions in other areas of the film.

Among the cast, Loki, played by Hiddleston, stands out as the character you end up rooting for most and find yourself loving through each witty and smart-alec remark.

I found him to be the most amusing of the cast, as devious and mischievous as always, you can’t help but love his sneakiness.

Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins, as Odin, also deliver strong performances with such a leading base in their acting which show they truly embrace their characters personality fitting so well into how you would expect a king and God of thunder to act in such circumstances of war and tactical decisions.

One thing I really enjoyed about the movie was how it delved into a more sci-fi base with features of larger spaceship battles which you wouldn’t quite expect in a Viking setting, giving it that ultimate space atmosphere to work with and show the expansion of all the realms at war and intergalactic chaotic destruction.

The film especially sparks originality in its use of the physics involved with Aether and how everything revolves around its power, making for one exciting final action scene.

Thor’s mythology is of course the driving force for all the action, and in “Thor: The Dark World,” the mythology of Asgard’s past and war history provides a story that unveils in so much depth it makes you feel as if you had read an entire book on the subject just the day before.

The way the entire story seems to move based on the past occurrences and how they affect the present makes the film one of the more detailed of the Marvel movies, which makes it pop out of standard action movies with a direct good guy versus bad guy synopsis.

“Thor: The Dark World” still maintains that synopsis at heart for any action fan to be able to get behind, but for lovers of Thor and true in-depth followers of the franchise, the film surely makes an interesting and exciting new chapter to love

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