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Long-awaited sequel ‘The Best Man Holiday’ delivers

Malcolm D. Lee finally hits theaters with the return of the overlong sequel to the 1999‘s “The Best Man,” with “The Best Man Holiday.” The film reunites us with author Harper Stewart (Taye Diggs), who is expecting his first child with wife Robin (Sanaa Harlan).

After having a best seller with his novel “Unfinished Business” (the incitement of tragedy to the first film), Harper’s career has collapsed.

Hard times call for desperate measures which is why Harper decides to take up the invitation for a holiday visit with his estranged friend, NFL star Lance Sullivan (Morris Chestnut) a visit which holds profitable career opportunities.

Lance is retiring from the game, and Harper sees an opportunity to lift his career up again by writing a biography of the all-star player.

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However, he’ll first have to re-stitch the rift between himself and Lance over the infamous affair by Lance’s wife, Mia (Monica Calhoun).

But it is not just that drama that they will need to worry about, but also all the drama that comes with having old friends like Julian (Harold Perinea), Candy (Regina Hall), Shelby ( Melissa De Sousa), Jordan (Nia Long) and Quentin (Terrence Howard), as they all stay under the same roof.

There are old wounds and new pains that threaten this group of friends as a whole and each of their personal relationships.

They quickly learn that there is no better place they can be this holiday then there together, as they learn to value love, family, and good friendship.

If you have yet the watch “The Best Man,” don’t worry you will not be lost. Lee does an excellent job at re-capping key parts from the first movie on to this one, to help understand the whole dilemma between Lance and Harper better.

While for the most part there were scenes that had you laughing don’t let it fool you, this film definitely had heart breaking scenes that would make anyone cry.

Reunite with the cast of “The Best Man” and uncover the true holiday miracle this season.

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