90’s Movie Night at Rio Hondo, Geek USA

“Geek USA” is an independent comedy based on true events that takes place in the 90’s, and exactly like the 90’s, it is filled with plenty of good times.

The film had its debut in N.Y. but was recently screened at Rio Hondo college, which also happens to be one of the locations in the film. Written by Phillip Bladh and directed by Brandon Walz, the movie features three high-school going protagonists with their very own garage rock band “Made to Fade”.

Rio Hondo College campus is featured as the high school at which the three geeks make their rise to glory, and it’s quite the honor being in a movie as nostalgic and heartfelt as “Geek USA”.  The lead singer in the movie, and leading man on screen, C.B. Mullen plays Phil Brown and gives a performance that is incredibly believable. His character stands as an anchor to the viewer, which helps because among the colorful cast of the many characters that he encounters throughout the movie are some absolutely absurd but somehow heartfelt performances.

The three high-schooler band-mates go from zeroes to heroes after rocking out at their battle of the bands which was shot on the very stage it was being screened on which was uniquely personal to watch. The lead man Phil goes from having almost no social life to having three very competitive dates for senior prom, this setup culminates in one of the funniest, most relatable, romantic comedies to date, although it is more than that.

Anyone who was at the screening on the night of Nov. 21,  had the totally awesome opportunity of a Q&A session with much of the cast and crew, including director Brandon Walz, and many of the actors including C.B. Mullen, Taylor Calmus, Casey Fitzgerald and Joanna Sotomura. Attendees got some insight into the real life back story that inspired the film, which according to the director is a “90’s movie that is 90 percent true, the rest is just crazy thoughts from my mind”. When asked why they chose Rio Hondo as a location, director brandon explained that he loves rio hondo because the security is helpful for shooting, and it was good for that 90’s high school vibe. Fan favorite actor Tyler Crosby who was one of the films antagonists from rival band T.E.N.G., added that “Rio Hondo is great because of all of the sexy extras”.

The film has been formerly titled “untitled prom script” and “prom ’97”, regardless of the title which was finally inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins song “Geek USA”, it stands as a fantastically relatable comedy, a unique high school flashback experience for Rio Hondo students, and college students alike, and most likely the best prom movie ever.