‘Works In Progress’ successfully showcases student talent at Rio

Rio Hondo’s Dance department proudly showcase “Works in Progress,” a dance concert  demonstrating the works of students and even included premiers by faculty members such as Alyson Cartagena, Rachel Lopez, and Carol McDowell. Rio’s dancers brought contemporary numbers to the Wray Theatre Nov. 14-16.

The Dance concert featured three solo performances all of them which where self choreographed and performed. These performance included; The Rain by Leila Chou, Al Norte by Joel Carrillo where he walk on stage through the left side caring a suitcase as he made it on to the stage he removed his clothing placing it in the suitcase he then took out everything throwing it everywhere not finding something that would suit him, he left the impression of moving on in life and leaving everything that was once him behind. Carrillo was the only male performer with a solo and he did a great job at demonstrating his dance techniques and getting his story across with the art of dance. Carrillo Along with the rest of the performers did an incredible job. The last solo performance was The Road I’ve Traveled by Cynthia Gonzalez.

Group performances included; Quickening, Awakening, A Breath Of Fresh Air, Love me or hate Me, The ladies of the Bach, Waltz of the Workers, Sasha Fierce, I’ll always remember You, Malevolence, Elemental, and closing with Games #3: Mirrors and Nuevo Tango. 

The biggest number of the group was Sasha Fierce which included a total of 44 students, it was definitely the most upbeat performance of the night, as their performance included songs from Déjà Vu, hit artist Beyonce and Destiny Childs. The number was choreographed by Joel Carrillo, Christopher Chavez, and Anahi Zapata.  

Waltz of the Workers was one that had the audience laughing This set was choreographed by Rachel Lopez. “It kinda reminded me of the old Mikey Mouse cartoon,” said Rosa Ruvalcalba one of the audience member. And in a way it did as Stefani Baker began the number by mopping there where other member on stage with their faces covered with boxes in resemblance of frogs that began to come alive as she continued to clean. Bringing everything around her to life that helped her clean. During the performance a rope was brought out where the performers hung their towels and used it as a jump rope. Lastly they tied up Baker with the rope, she untangled herself, they all rushed to finish cleaning to hide the fact that they had helped Baker clean. This performance was definitely more amusing then the rest.

The dance concert closed with Games #3: Mirrors and Nuevo Tango which was choreographed by Carol McDowell in collaboration with the performers. This performance was also entertaining as some of the performers came out riding tricycles.

Overall the performers did an incredible job and there is no doubt that Rio’s dancers are filled with talent. Each performance was memorable in its own way. Their next upcoming event is The Nutcracker which is set to take place on Dec. 15 at 2pm at the Sky Rose Chapel at Rose Hills.