How can something so good, come from a grandpa so bad?

­­The crew behind the ‘Jackass’ series brings us another controversial and wildly fun prank movie, “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.”

Led by Johnny Knoxville alongside child actor Jackson Nicoll in a team-up that makes so much good for such a bad grandpa.

Jeff Tremaine, who has always worked with Knoxville and the rest of the Jackass gang, (behind the cameras mostly) directed the movie.

This time around, the film follows more of a plot driven story as opposed to what we are used to from the crew’s previous work, which seemed pretty strange at first but it managed to all work out smoothly in their own style.

The movie follows Knoxville as he portrays a dirty-minded old man named Irving who undergoes the loss of his wife and is put in charge of sending his grandson, Billy, played by Nicoll, to live with his father.

The two embark on a road trip filled with pranks and gags to operate the plot, while still keeping that infamous hidden camera concept of “Jackass.”

Nicoll and Knoxville’s characters are the basis for the film’s pranks and add a bigger element of shock this time around, with the innocence of a child in adult themes and a fun personality.

As well as an old man who still just wants to get a women’s attention and have an awesome time.

When we watch movies we tend to wonder how real people would react in certain situations, or we just dismiss the way a scene is executed because we believe there are too many realistic flaws on the character’s part, even just the minor characters can throw us off sometimes.

“Bad Grandpa” adds a pretty refreshing take on this idea because they manage to incorporate real time pedestrians as the actors who deal with Knoxville and Nicoll’s characters, as they act out their personalities in public.

Even in most of the cases throughout the movie, the pedestrians have a big part in the plot. Tremaine, along with the rest of the cast, manage to pick just the right places and times to make it all work.

Even making it very pertinent to the plot in the final scene, creating a real time scene that works as well as an actual act in a movie.

This idea makes it all quite original because it plays out scenes dealing with Irving and his grandson trying to figure things out while also having real reactions to their outlandish antics as a truly dysfunctional duo.

The movie has a somewhat cheesy and simple plotline, but the way it stays so original, keeping the same “Jackass” feel of outrageous pranks and crude language, has the movie going on with tons of laughs.

The movie essentially runs with pranks while incorporating the feeling of characters who have considerate backgrounds to them, which really fits into how they can reel people into their pranks so slick and have it all seem like real characters way too unfit for the norms of society.

“Bad Grandpa” stays true to the fashion of “Jackass” as a dirty, hilarious, and over the top controversial-driven comedy while adding just a bit of heart and subplot to make it all flow as a creatively told story.

Fans of classic “Jackass” are sure to love the pranks, though some may not totally love this new form, laughs are ensured for anyone who loves classic and dirty pranks.