Foreign Film Festival awes audience

The Foreign Film Festival was held at Wray Theater on Nov. 17, with the help of the Language department and faculty.

The faculty gave brief descriptions before the start of the films, and light snacks were given to the guests.

Four Foreign films were shown for the event; An Argentinean filmed called “Made in Argentina” which gave a story about a couple who move to New York and their struggles to adjust themselves to the cultural change.

The second film was a French movie called “Entre les Murs” (“The Class”) is about a struggling boy trying to maintain his social life during school as he tries to adapt himself, he is also trying to find a place where he can fit in with himself.

The third movie was a Chinese film “Happy Times” about a struggling man trying to impress his fiance about being wealthy.

The last movie viewed was a Mexican film called “Por La Libre” the film was a touching family film about family bonding, and recreating those memories once again. In this adventurous film, two cousins embark on a journey to deliver their grandfather’s ashes to Acapulco, Mexico. As they travel from Mexico City, to Acapulco, they learn the meaning of bonding, and accomplish their grandfathers last dying wish.

This film festival created a large crowd,which brought many family and friends together to enjoy this wide variety of Foreign Films  to be enjoyed by many and experience a different taste of styles and creativity brought on the screen.