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Eminem’s unexpected sequel sets stage for expected results

The announcement of a new Eminem album was shocking enough, but then he released what the album will be called and it was hard for many to believe.

Thirteen-years later after his sophomore success, Eminem is releasing “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” which deals with topics such as the level of fame Marshall is currently at right now, his family life, and his bid as the best rapper alive.

The album’s opener “Bad Guy” is more than 7 minutes in length and contains two different beats, and two different Eminem voices.

The first beat has Eminem rapping as if he is extremely angered with someone as he threatens to bury their body and then he breaks into the person’s house.

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It turns out he was rapping from another Eminem, Matthew Mitchel, who’s relation to Em is something the listener needs to figure out on their own.

There’s a random skit placed in between the opening songs, but after the skit Em with the help of producer Rick Rubin get’s things rolling using the conventional song method with “Rhyme Or Reason” which samples a famous hit from English rock band “The Zombies” that will sound familiar.

On the track Em takes time to focus on his father, who was absent from his life, he spits “my mother reproduced like a komodo dragon,” which upon some research the listener can find out female Komodo dragons can produce babies without fertilization by a male.

Slim Shady goes to familiar territory on “So Much Better,” where he is completely blunt by stating that his life would be improved if a particular female would cease to exist.

The album rolls into “Survival” which is impressive but nothing short of what can be expected of the rhyme slayer. “Legacy” is the first of a few songs on the album that share similar themes, Em emphasizing all that he had went through when he was younger but no matter that because he flipped it on his dark past and became a successful MC with skills for decades.

“A**hole” has Eminem spit “it’s poetry in motion, like Freddie Roach when he’s quoting Shakespeare,” which is so mean because for those that don’t know Roach is known for having Parkinson’s disease.

The line can be taking literally but once it is heard again it is apparent that Em enunciates the Shake part of Shakespeare, just one example from the song that Em lyrically owns, which again is no surprise.

Then there’s “Berzerk” produced by Rubin which Em used as his first single following the same pattern he’s done in the past, making a song that can be enjoyed by the masses and make headlines by his calling out of celebrities.

This single is different because he takes some stabs at some of rap’s hot acts that can cause a serious wound to their careers.

“Rap God” may remind Em fans of the “Despicable Freestyle” which wasn’t on an album just used for promotion but this time Marshall chose to use the ridiculous six minute slaughter of the English language to mess with the heads of everyone tuning in. Successful attempt again.

“Brainless” is similar to “Legacy” as it provides details about Em’s rough time growing up and how he grew from that and became an accomplished lyricist which is true because in “Brainless” Em rhymes orange with more than a handful of words.

“Stronger than I Was” is the album’s complete switch in tempo and mood. None of the tracks prior segued perfectly into each other but this track is completely from out of nowhere, Em sings on it which has done more bad then good.

“The Monster,” or Eminem and Rhianna’s fourth collaboration together features Em going over how he wishes to be normal rather than being the center of controversy and constant headlines.

The same topic is covered in “So Far” which Em provides in full detail of what he does daily in Detroit but despite the non stop annoyance he’s got to admit life’s been good to him.

“Love Game” features Kendrick Lamar, the only guest rapping on the album, who recorded this song two weeks before his game shaking “Control” verse according to Eminem.

Listen to this record for two of the best rappers out right now.

“Headlights” is the closure moment no one was expecting. Here Eminem apologizes to his mother and even thanks her, believe it or not.

On the album’s closer “Evil Twin” Eminem stunts again like he did the entire album proving he’s the best at what he does. He spits “I feel like I play for the Saints, I just want to hurt you,” referencing the NFL team caught for having a bounty program.

Later he claims “F*** top 5, b****h, I’m top 4, And that includes Biggie and Pac, w***e And I got an evil twin, so who do you think that’s 3rd and that 4th spot’s for?”

Alluding to his rap personality Slim Shady and his actual self.

It’s difficult to imagine Slim really believing he’s top 5 all time especially since he’s been influenced by so many MCs before him but as proof by this album and the 10 plus he’s been on before the man raps his a** off.

He works extremely hard and it will be a sad day once he decides to hang up the mic for Hip-Hop Heads and music lovers alike. Sequels aren’t usually as good as the first one but this album out-raps the original.

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