Nightmare’ festival at Pomona FEARplex

The Fairplex of Pomona got a million times more terrifying on Oct. 10 when Rob Zombie, horror genius and production partner Steve Kopleman introduced the scariest fair to hit So. Cal – Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare.

Fans, press, and celebrities alike crowded the lot to witness the opening night of this Halloween extravaganza.

This festival features three spectacularly immaculate and detailed mazes that are sure to haunt your dreams.

The first is The Haunted World of El Superbeasto 3D, an insanely colorful world that you walk view behind a pair of 3D glasses. Based on the original comic book series of ‘El Superbeasto’, this maze takes you on  a journey through the profoundly hilarious and sexual innuendo filled world. The unique surprise entrance definitely tops the others and the sudden chills and thrills set this attraction apart from the remaining attractions.

Haunt of 1000 Corpses, based on the Zombie directed film, ‘Haunt of 1000 Corpses’ was established to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the movie. This extreme and traditional haunted house takes guests through the recreations of famous murders by Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, Richard Ramirez and more. Gruesome figures are hung upside down with blood dripping from toe to head, as well as digitally enhanced video effects, sound, and animatronics are seen throughout the 13 room maze. At one point, Jack the Ripper can physically grab maze-goers and take them into a secret room, seperate from their party. The stupendous recreations are definitely applaud worthy, and the high details of Haunt of 1000 Corpses make this maze the fan favorite of the three.

The final and most original of the three mazes, Lords of Salem: Total Blackout, is literally a total blackout. Bags are thrown over the heads of guests and they must maneuver through the 60 degrees paths to find a way out. Accencuating some senses and limiting others, this attraction makes visitors come face to face with fears of claustrophobia, darkness, and the unknown – blindly.

On opening night, bands 3!oh3 and Wallpaper took the stage and entertained guests for the entirety of their hour long sets. Live shows are going to take place each night of the event, and future performing artists include Winds of Plague (10/26), Goldfinger (10/27), Andrew W.K (10/31) and Rob Zombie himself (11/1).

Tickets range from $35-$45 and can be purchased at Be sure to stop by the Pomona FEARplex before this rare opporunity to be ultimately frightened ends. Enter the minds of Zombie and Kopleman, but beware.