Making that GTA Experience: Online

Grand Theft Auto Online is the ultimate criminal experience that long time fans have been waiting for, and an insanely fun experience for newcomers as well. This title launched for download on Oct. 1, for free to all owners of GTA5. Despite more than a few bugs, this brand new experience has proven itself to be one of the most enjoyable video game experiences to date, especially if you have friends!

Up to 16 players can jump into the same city and wreak havoc as they please, whether it be in free-roam or in one of the alleged 500 missions that Rockstar Games has crafted. At any time, players can jump into a simple competitive alleyway shootout death-match, or race aggressively against each other on motorcycles, cars, atvs, even wave runners. All while listening to the same incredible soundtrack from the single player experience, with music ranging from Johnny Cash and Britney Spears, to Dr. Dre and Flying Lotus!

The online virtual city of Los Santos is completely identical to GTA5, filled to the brim with innocent bystanders waiting to get shot at or run over, and populated with more missions than ever. For those who have a knack for crime, the possibilities are endless, you can rob liquor stores with your friends, pile up into the same car as each other and get into a police pursuit that would’ve made O.J. Simpson piss himself. Or ride separately and split up for a better chance of getting away.

The diversity of virtual freedom is unrivaled, as other activities include breaking into the military base by the coast of the games massive map, and stealing military jets and helicopters and then wreaking havoc on other people playing in the same world as you. Base Jumping, Tennis, Arm Wrestling, and even a wave defense mode against cops, gangs, or even meth heads are just a few of the totally ridiculous activities available to players who jump into the world with their fully customized character and vehicle.

Rockstar Games has promised many more features to be added to the online experience, such as the ability to form crews, and the ability for players themselves to craft their own missions, including large-scale heists like the ones found in the single player experience.

From the virtual clothes, guns, cars, and even life-like mansions that can be earned throughout the online experience, Rockstar has crafted a video game that can fulfill anyones criminally insane fantasies.