Art and Latin America go hand in hand

The endlessly unique possibilities in art is what draws people into it. The 2nd Los Angeles SUR:biennial event is sure to be an incredibly inspired art event, taking place on numerous campuses with a large roster of upcoming artists each with their own styles and mediums. The Rio Hondo College art gallery is hosting six of these artists, who have all stepped outside of the box to create some incredibly unique pieces.

Artist Emily Silver has an incredibly unique display titled “can you hear this” complete with sculpture and some experimental animation and sound design to go along with it. Carmen Argote has perhaps some of the most original combinations of sculpting and photographic images to come out in a while on display. Tanya Aguiniga’s amazingly creative piece dominates the room, and is something spectators will have to interpret for themselves. Ruby Osorio has a prolific display of very artistic paintings as well as sculptures, and Doris Rodriguez has created a couple of very inspiring, seemingly glass paintings for observers as they walk in the room. Antonia Wright has some experimental filmmaking on display as well.

These six artists all have their work displayed at Rio Hondo, but that is not the extent of this event, nearly two dozen more artists are also participating and their work can be seen at the Cerritos College art gallery from Oct. 24, – Dec. 5, along with a few live performances that are also part of this event. Nine more artists are also on display at the Torrance Art Museum from Oct. 26, – Nov. 9,.

The 2nd SUR:biennial event “ventures to turn the world upside down”, in the words of Sharon Mizota from the 1st SUR Catalog in 2011. “In this sense ‘SUR’ (which means south in spanish) suggests at least two things bubbling up from below-influences from the geographic south and the emergence of something new”.

The SUR:biennial will be on display at Rio Hondo from Oct. 17, – Nov. 18,.