Running start for Walking Dead

The season premiere of AMC’s stellar hit “The Walking Dead” may have lived up to fans expectations in every way possible, with plenty of suspense, characters, blood, and trauma drama to leave even the most hardcore zombie survivalist satisfied.
The first episode of the shows fourth season had the darkly humorous title of “30 days without and accident”, since the group appears to have been surviving peacefully for at least a few months. They have taken residence inside of an abandoned high- security prison, and they have created a small civilization by planting crops in the yard, and even adopting several farm animals into their facility for the purposes of eating.

With the zombies lingering just outside of the 30 foot tall double barbed wire fence, the danger is always looming, but the group is dead set on keeping them out. Daryl Dickson, a fan favorite character for many reasons, has more or less become the new leader as both a mediator and as a hunter gatherer, only leaving for the occasional supply run, the group of survivors is tightly barricaded in their fortress of a home.

However the thing about “The Walking Dead” is it has the ability to present the viewers with little slivers of hope, and then rob that hope away in extremely horrific ways. The first episode manages to do this in its entirety from the somewhat bright hopeful beginning to the incredibly scary ending, leaving the audiences with a zombie about to walk into the very cell were the survivors are sleeping as a cliffhanger.

The episode also featured an incredibly intense “raining zombies” scene in which the group raids an abandoned grocery store, only to realize that a military chopper full of zombies is ready to crash through the roof.
The latest season of the walking dead was incredibly strong and can only leave fans hungry for more survival terror across the next 15 or so episodes in line. The year-long wait every season is a very long time to wait for more zombie action, so hungry fans can also check out seasons 1 through 3 on Netflix for plenty of quality zombie thrills.