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Give this rapper a ‘Chance’

Hailing from Chicago, the Windy City is more like the “City of Win” with the talent it breeds. Chance the Rapper, at the age of only 20, has taken Chicago and the world by storm.

While writing this, his headlining performance in Paris sold out, which is not a surprise considering his explosive stage presence. His “Social Expieriment Tour,” which starts later this month, has already sold out shows in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, and of course his home city of Chicago.

The young talent has garnered interest from plenty of labels such as Top Dawg Entertainment known as the home of the group “Black Hippy,” which features new superstar Kendrick Lamar.

Chance has said during interviews that although he’s held meetings with major labels, including a one-on-one with Epic Records CEO, L.A. Reid, he isn’t ready to sign with one yet.

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If the rapper keeps producing hits and creating a buzz, like the one his “Acid Rap” mixtape made following it’s release earlier this year, then there would be no point for Chance to test his luck with a label.

Major record company executives want him because his artistic talents. His first mixtape, “10 Day,” was made  over the course of the ten day suspension Chance received during his senior year at Chicago’s Jones College Prep High School.

Tired of being mocked for having the aspirations of becoming  a musician, the young rapper used what most would view as a misfortune as a chance to air out his creativity in the form of a mixtape.

His latest project has already landed on best of 2013 lists, and it definitley will make the top five once the year comes to a close.

Chance’s sound is a mixture of jazz and retro beats, which has the rapper spitting in such a unique style, creating a sound so refreshing it can be heard over and over again.

The title of the mixtape is not a reference to its genre, as it is not remotley close to horrorcore rap.

It’s partly inspired by Chance’s own LSD experiences, which is alluded to through the different sounds created. Despite the perplexing tracks, not one will force the listener want to skip to the next song, let alone pop in another tape.

Every track on, “Acid Rap,” is a trip worth taking, but in the beginning Chance has a track titled, “Pusha Man,” that has a bonus song after it named, “Paranoia,” which touches on the dangerous state Chicago is in. Chance has stated in an interview that, “Paranoia,” is the mixtape’s most important song.

The runner up for the song with most importance has to be “Everybody’s Something,”, which samples a J Dilla produced Slum Village track, that preaches the importance of self worth and will do wonders for the artistic listeners; offering them a message they can use to help themselves or to spread to those close to them.

The project overall has a positive theme without ever sounding corny or cliche. It may take new listners a while to become accustomed to the inconsistency and randomness of Chance, especially with his strange, screeching ad-libs.

Hearing the album only a few times will make fans of different genres know the unique style the 20-year-old has put on display for the world to hear

For the most part, whether people like his style or not, it’ll be difficult to not appreciate the fact he’s creating his own lane; making the music he wants regardless of what Chicago has traditionally represented.

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