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‘Breaking Bad’s’ booming breakdown

At about two weeks removed from the final episode of “Breaking Bad,” all is well for Jesse Pinkman as he is finally free and Walter White is dead, or is he?

The series’ final scene shows face down Mr. White on the floor of a meth lab as a dozen of cops rush in. The image of the man, who was introduced to the world as a high school chemistry teacher in ‘Breaking Bad’s” birth in 2008, is similar what was shown in the pilot episode when it’s discovered White has cancer.

While working at the car wash, which he later  became an owner of, White suddenly fainted due to an uncontrollable cough. So the question is, did he die or only pass out?

It’s hard to believe the episode’s writer and series creator Vince Gilligan left the television which had more twists and turns than San Francico’s Lombard Street, was going to give his audience a concrete ending.

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Often compared to HBO’s “The Sopranos” which ended it’s run with having the screen turn black not allowing fans to know what exactly happened to Tony Soprano. Although Gilligan didn’t give shocking or controversial ending to his show, he basically did the same thing except not as blatantly.

No body knows if Walter died, nor if he was arrested. If he was able to kill down all those White Supremacist Gang members, what’s a bunch of police officers?

There’s also nothing definite about Jesse, well except for him being able to drive off free and happily as can be. In AMC’s post show, “Talking Bad,” actor Jonathan Banks who played tough guy Mike Ehrmantraut said he knows that Jesse went to go with Brock the young child who unfortunately is an orphan.

Surprisingly, Jesse’s future is more likely to guess than Walter’s because Jesse has always been a predictable character while Walter the meth mastermind has always had tricks up his lab coat.

No matter whether White did definitely die or his fate is left up for interpretation, will not kill all the buzz created by the Blue Meth King. Fans of the show created an actual obituary for the show’s fictionalized character which was printed in real life newspaper Albuquerque Journal.

Those that claim to be Team Walt got to see the character do everything set on his to do list before going out, which included touching what he had part in creating, his daughter Holly and the meth lab.

Walt was unable to give a proper goodbye to his son Walter Jr. and his pseudo-son Jesse since his actions as a drug lord were too harsh for them to forgive.

One surprise of the show, came when Jesse didn’t kill Walt when he given the chance too, but instead allows Walt to take his own life if he wants to die so bad.

After all Jesse has been through, it should have been an easy decision for him to take the life of the man who ruined his. From getting Jesse involved into the empire business that he never should have never been involved in to begin with, to the poisoning of Brock, and the allowing of Jane’s death, Walt became worse then what Scarface was.

Tony Montana was high on his own supply while Walter White wasn’t, he was simply trying to become the best at what he was good at with no consideration for all the parties involved.

If Walter could speak from the grave, jail cell or wherever he would be at today, if asked whether he or not he would change anything about his last two years of life, it could be certain he’d probably only say he’d be a little more smarter.

He would be happy how it all ended though, he was able to get the money he initially set out to get to his family with the help of Badger and Skinny Pete.

He got to kill those damn Nazis that ruined everything from taking his money, killing Hank, and not killing Jesse. He took out Lydia who was getting richer off of what he created.

Just like the Roman Empire, Walter White’s empire eventually declined and similar to the Romans there will be ongoing debates of what actually happened which lead to the empire’s falling.

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