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Student One-Acts enthrall audiences

The Rio Hondo theater department produced yet another successful variety of eight stellar one-act plays in the Campus Inn Theatre.

Guests had three opportunities to watch the set of shows  between Thursday Oct. 3 and Saturday Oct. 5 at 8 p. m.

Led by instructor and advisor Bill Korf, the students of the Theater Crafts I, II, and III, Screen Writing, Rehearsal, Costume, and Directing courses teamed up to self-direct and rehearse eight different plays ranging between 10-20 minutes long.

When audiences entered the Campus Inn Theatre, little knew that they were going to witness the talented capabilities of the tech teams, before the production even started.

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With stadium seating hand-built by the craft team and a plethora of lighting aspects set up throughout the building, the dark and mysterious vibe that the room provided left guests curious as to what was in store.

“I honestly had no idea what the room was going to look like,” said Briana Vasquez, 22, first time RHC play attendee. “I used to eat burritos and socialize with friends between classes in the [Campus Inn] building. I never would have imagined walking back in here years later and seeing a full-on stage and tech booths.”

The first of the eight one-acts spread laughter and uncontrollable giggles throughout the room with student Michael Garcia’s directed production of “Outcome “ starring Elisabeth Vega, Gabriel Ortiz, Avory Sandoval, and the director himself, Michael Garcia. After a health issue with the original actor, David Baldovin, Garcia stepped in to fill the absence and delivered a fantastic performance.

“The Deal”, directed by Samantha Abdala followed the first act and starred Alden Allen, Jahan Watkins and Elijah Avery. The plot featured two filmmakers who bumped heads when financial and production issues arose. Watkins, who played the lawyer, provided laughter to all throughout the entire act.

Another crowd favorite was Marco Carreon’s directed production of “Naomi in the Living Room”. There was mass awkward tension when Sara Varela who played Naomi, had an intense orgasm on stage.

Fernando De La Torre’s animated stage entrance wearing Tania Esqueda’s strapless dress costume just kept the awkwardness rolling.

“The Mary Celeste”, directed by Larry Sepulveda starred Adrian Rodriguez, Angie

Arenas, Grizelda Guzman , Ryan Lopez, Pamela Saenz, Desiree Figueroa, and Hillary Stanley.

Asheley Aleria directed “The Big Ride”, a cute love story between Jamie Pastrano and Angel Gutierrez.

“Shes Fabulous” was directed by Josephine Osegueda and starred new actors Venus Fields and Michelle Alfaro.

Co-directed by Julianna Ojeda and David Ingle, “The Second Beam” featured Paola Arellano, Erica Moore, Daisy Rios, Annel Guerra, and Raquel Hernandez.

The final act of the night was directed by Larry Sepulveda, who took on two plays this production.

“The Thief of Man” had the highest altitude of costume and starred Alan-Timoteo Villon, Andrew Serrato, Giovanni Macias, Peter Becerra, Mitxy Nava, Kimberly Mora, and Ashley Lopez.

The overall spectrum of emotions and messages that were portrayed throughout the night left guests highly entertained.

The talents of the RHC theater students and staff never fail to capture mass audiences and contribute to the artistic community.

If you missed the opportunity to see the RHC theater program present the one-act festival, or if you saw it and would like to see more, be sure to catch the production of the hilarious classic, “Out of the Frying Pan”.

Directed by Bill Korf and casted with students from the acting course, this farce about life in New York for six aspiring actors is bound to make you fall in love with the department. Catch it Dec. 5, 6, 7, and 8.

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