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Reeder Shows Rio ‘It’s About Time’ for Creativity

Ron Reeder is a fascinating artist, teacher, and a friend to many. His on going gallery titled “It’s About Time” has been on display for several weeks now in the RHC gallery.

Without the artist present throughout the day, spectators found themselves in a surreal collection of intensely detailed sculptures in the form of assemblages, which they were forced to decipher for themselves. An assemblage is a type of three-dimensional art that is “assembled” from many different objects and mediums, but put together in such a way that they become one singular piece of art.

In this case, Reeder had actually placed various clocks and wristwatches on several of his works, which tied into his theme of time. However, all the other intricate details displayed were rich with personality and wonder, each open to unique interpretation by the individual viewer.

On the evening of September 5, Reeder made a much-anticipated appearance. Friends, students, and fans alike where able to spend time with the artist himself, discussing their favorite pieces after the pleasure of an open Q&A session with the pleasantly charming Reeder.

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El Paisano was able to get a pre-show interview with the man himself before the doors opened to the rest of the campus. When asked why he chose time as a theme,

Ron simply replied, “It’s been around. Humans have always been fascinated with it, they try to keep track of it and make such a big deal, but we can’t control it.”

Reeder informed us that one of his closest friends had passed away a week prior to this interview, which left us to believe some part of the gallery was dedicated to him.

He was influential to Reeder’s path into the world of art.

“He told me he would be here no matter what” Ron said, and it was apparent that the spirit of a fellow artist was present in the gallery, and that creativity itself could carry on unharmed by time.

Everyone seemed to have his or her own favorite piece. Jason Reyes, a Rio Hondo student, explained his appreciation of the first piece in the room, “Time to Retire”, which featured a faceless wristwatch strapped to a large shred of a car tire.

“It was ripped and worn out, showing the wear and tear that people experience throughout life”. Another fascinating piece was “Georgia On my Mind”, which Reeder revealed was in homage to the world-renowned artist Georgia O’Keeffe, who is well known for her works depicting flowers and bones.

As a nod to one of his favorite artists, Reeder put together a sublime, rose-like structure out of old bottle cap.

Although the concept of time carries a lot of weight to most people, Ron wasn’t afraid to make light of the subject. In regards to his gallery, he said, “Its also about humor, people need to take a joke.

They think they know so much, when really, we don’t know anything.” Some fascinating insight from Reeder, much like his works of art, the better part of the very lives we live is open to interpretation.

Just like time, life is always changing.

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