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The Wanted makes OC fans “glad they came”

Orange County’s very own Pacific Amphitheater welcomed UK-pop sensations, The Wanted, as well of thousands of squealing fans and a plethora of light-up signs, fan posters, and glow sticks on Wednesday night.

The English-Irish boy band contributed a hefty set of their new hits, classics, and a good mix of cover songs. To top it off, the quintet melted an overabundance of “fan-girl” hearts with their exceedingly enticing foreign accents.

The Wanted gained their mass fame after their hit 2010 single “Glad You Came” aired from radio stations across the globe, leading them to instant stardom. Consecutively, this recognition landed them a future splendor gig with their very own reality television show, “The Wanted Life”, which premiered June 3 on the E! channel.

Although the stereotypical “boy band” features a set of young men with moves that can groove, stellar vocals and insanely attractive physiques, the boys of The Wanted are compiled of an extensive amount of outstanding qualities. Along with the good looks and the ability to write their own lyrics, their stage presence never ceases to blow the minds of their large demographic audiences.

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After kicking off the show with “Invincible”, The Wanted had every fan in the amphitheater on their feet, which is exactly how it remained for the entirety of the 70 minute show.

Following “Invincible” were perfectly executed performances of their songs “Lose My Mind,” “Lightning” and “Say It on the Radio,” from the band’s self-titled first album and follow-up “Battleground.”

The Wanted caused a mass frenzy prior to performing their romantic hit, “Heart Vacancy”. The boys asked their screaming fans which of them would “like to sacrifice” themselves and come up on stage to be serenaded by each boy and their strongest accents.

The venue exploded with the highest frequency of vocals and girls stood on the back of their seats and waved their arms in the air in hopes to be noticed by the lads.

“To make things interesting, so it never gets boring, and so when you go on Twitter you can’t say ‘you didn’t pick me,’ we’ll get another member of the band to pick for us,” said Nathan Sykes, the youngest of the band.

“Who’s got a thing for boys with curly hair?” Sykes continued as his eyes scanned the west wing of the crowd for a volunteer. “Who’s got a thing for boys who smell funny and weird? This is amazing. It’s like an episode of Blind Date.”

All five boys welcomed their girls on stage with hugs, kisses on their cheeks, and air time on the mega screens that were mounted to the walls of the amphitheater.

In succession, The Wanted switched the mood up a bit with a 10 minute cover set of the Killer’s top hits. This featured Parker on electric guitar, Sykes on piano, George on bass, and Kaneswara on acoustic guitar. The audience was encouraged to sing along to selections such as “Human”, “Somebody Told Me” and “Mr. Brightside.”

Sykes introduced the performance of their hit “Warzone”, saying, “There’s lots of songs aout guys cheating on girls; here’s a song about, well, a girl cheating on a guy”. Fans chanted the lyrics and were left mesmerized by Sykes, who sounded a bit choked up when belting out the lyrics.

Kaneswaren, excited to lighten things up a bit, then claimed that they were about to “bring energy into this” with their “funky” song, “Chasing the Sun”.

The boys ended the night with a few new songs from their third studio album, Word of Mouth, due Sept. 16. “Chasing the Sun” was followed by “I Found You” as the audience clapped their hands and sang along.

However, they didn’t perform “We Own the Night,” their newest single that was premiered Monday and is being released for purchase on iTunes this weekend. The band excluded the song from their set list because they were “working on a live version of the track”.

After spontaneously exiting the stage and breaking the hearts of the die-hard fans in the crowd, they re-entered the stage with an encore that included the new album’s third single, “Walks Like Rihanna,” which is deemed to be the song that recieved the quickest amount of exposure out of the set.

The night ended with an announcement of their 2014 world tour, and the conclusion performance of the hit that made them famous, “Glad You Came”, during which the band emptied a ton of water bottles on the pit audience and themselves.

Fans then exited the arena with ringing ears and content souls as The Wanted left individuals glad they came.

Set list: The Wanted at Pacific Amphitheatre

Main set: Intro / Invincible / Lose My Mind / Lightning / Say It on the Radio / Heart Vacancy / Killers Medley / Warzone / Chasing the Sun / Gold Forever / I Found You / All Time Low

Encore: Walks Like Rihanna / Glad You Came







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