White House Down surprises audiences

This film was released on June 27th, staring Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox.

White House Down is claimed to be one of this summer’s biggest action thrillers.

This movie starts off a little slow, as soon as the ball gets rolling it does not really slow down and it may even feel like it drags on for a bit.

White House Down is full of suspense and explosions like a normal big summer big action thriller.

This movie mainly takes place in the white house and that does make it seem like they should change the scenery a bit more often throughout the movie. This movie does have a strong story line and stays consistent with that and doesn’t get off topic too often.

Overall, I do not think this was a bad movie I would say it is a bit more than decent It is not a movie that I will see multiple times because it is something that is not that great.