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Instagram’s attempt to steal Vine’s thunder

Instagram’s long-term popularity has depleted extensively over the past several months due to the success of other social media applications, such as the 6-second video app, Vine.

Vine is a social network centered on six seconds of video, allowing likes, followers, and hashtags to run wild. It keeps subscribers up all night laughing at the variety of celebrities, nobodies, and newly “Vine Famous” individuals.

Of course, Vine executives should have imagined that one or more other companies would either pursue the same fame as them or improve their attributes to exceed what Vine has to offer.

On Thursday, June 20, the hundreds of millions of Instagram users woke up to a startling surprise- the new app update and the ability to record and post videos to show their followers.

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This announcement took the technical world of applications onto a whole new level. What was once just a photo sharing application for users world-wide had become an alternate source of movie making with more creative attributes than Vine.

While Vine only offers 6 seconds of record time, Instagram allows more than double, at a cut off time of fifteen seconds.

Not only does Instagram beat Vine with a lengthy opportunity to capture video, but it also offers the ability to set the still frame that followers see before tapping play on the video.

Users are also able to delete individual frames from their finished product if they are unhappy with the outcome or would like to cut a frame or two out.

Of course, that’s not all that Instagram announced with their big update. What would video on Instagram be without infamous filters? The update included a hefty amount of new filters, specifically available for videos only. If you’d like a black and white effect to add emphasis to the classic style, “Moon” would do the trick. If you aspire to display a vintage appearance, “Charmes” and “Ashby” are a few of the many filters that can contribute to the imagery.

Instagram obviously wins the battle between itself and Vine with a longer record time, ability to delete frames, set the preview still shot, and mask the video with a filter.

Although it has a larger appeal with those who appreciate the artsy aspect of video, I will personally continue to favor Vine’s originality and the users who make my sleepless nights humorous and enjoyable.

For those of you curious regarding the idea of producing laughs, fear, or entertainment within a 6-second video, feel free to check out one of my favorite Vine users, Curtis “Dirty Curt” Lepore. Curtis features his mid-west accent, hilarious re-makes, a lot of cameos from other Vine stars, and his adorable Boston Terrier, Buster Beans.

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