‘The Call’

by Bianca Cervantes

If you were ever in real danger, what would your first instinct be?  I’m sure it would be to dial 911.  But what happens if that call would determine the faith to your life.  What if the person behind the phone had the power to save your life?  In the upcoming thriller “The Call” coming out on March 15, we get to experience what goes through the mind of a 911 operator.  The cast includes Halle Berry who plays (Jordan Turner), Abigail Breslin as (Casey Welson), Morris Chestnul as (Officer Paul Phillips), and Evie Thompson as (Leah Templeton).   When Jordan Turner gets a call from a girl, Casey Welson, who has been taken, she has to deal with a killer from her past.  She gets a second chance to save the life of a kidnapped girl.  This film directed by Brad Anderson, is filled with a lot of suspense and surprises.  Jordan takes the call way to personal and makes it her duty to save the helpless girl.  She is determined to do whatever it takes to make sure this time around she doesn’t mess things up and keeps the girl alive.  Who ever knew a phone call could change your life to such an extreme, no matter which end you are holding.