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by Gabriel Sanguino


From the hit 2010 “The Last Exorcism” director Ed Gass-Donnelly brings you the terrorizing sequel to the movie, “The Last Exorcism Part II”. Starring Ashley Bell, Julia Gamer, Spencer Treat Clark, Louis Herthum, E. Roger Mitchell, David Jenson and Muse Watson.


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Here’s recap from the first movie, following Esangelical minister Marcus Cotton, who performed religious rights he did not believe in for years, and is about to quit the business. But before he does he aggress to let a crew documentary film he last exorcism. Things don’t go as planned and everyone ends up dying or did they…


“The Last Exorcism Part II” opens up with footage from the first movie where Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) is being exorcised by Rev. Cotton Marks.  Part II is taken placed in New Orleans where Nell is put into all girls’ rehabilitation. She has no memory of what occurred in Ivan-wood Louisiana not until she hears voices coming out of the radio while being bathed by the nurse “he will kill us all” she heard. The demon is not done with her yet “ABALAM” is back for her.


Nell gets place in a home for girls, she is starting a new life, new job and along with that comes a boy named Chris (Spencer Treat Clark).  In the night Nell has flashbacks to what happened back in Ivan-wood but tries to forget them, but there’s more distractions at work she claims to hear voices coming from the radio speaking to her. If that wasn’t enough haunting her, she gets a call from Chris but as she speaks she can only hear demonic voices speaking to her. Another evening Chris is throwing rocks at her window, she runs outside but she then hears all of these demonic voices speaking to her at once. She runs inside and finds Louis her dad. He tells her that “God will save you, you’ve been saved” but tries to pull a shotgun on her. Gwen (Julia Garner) walks in and whacks him behind the head as she turns her eyes turn black, and says “No one can have you but him”. Door shuts and Gwen locks Nell out and Louis thumps and screams are heard. Then Gwen comes back as if nothing happened.


Nell is working the next morning she hears moaning from the next room and puts her head on the wall like if the sounds soothed her. As she listened black color like ink began to spread along the wall and a figure formed under the doorway. Later that night she starts to moan pleasurably in her sleep and is lifted into the air.


Back to the Nurse she does a ritual on Nell and wants Nell to show her the past of what happened in Ivan-wood. Nell says it isn’t safe for you to see, Nell begins to scream and yell. “Make it stop” the lights flicker on and off, as the lights come on knives are aligned pointed right at Cecile the nurse. Nell walks in on Chris watching a video of Nell possessed and cant compete with the love he has for her with the love that Abalam has for her body. He slits his throat in front of Nell and dies.

Nell is then getting help from Calder (David Jenson) and Jeffrey (E. Roger Mitchell) two men from The Order of the Right Hand. They strap Nell down. They perform an exorcism but are unable to control the demon. Calder is thrown out the window and bloods everywhere and during the commotion Nell escapes.


Frank finds Nell in his office covered in blood and thanks him for helping her find who she really is. She kills him after leading a fire up the girl’s rooms burning them alive.  A must see movie offers genuine scars and who doesn’t like seeing something that could actually happened. Movies that are based on true events are an audience grabber.

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