‘Snitch’ Movie Review

Snitch Movie

How far will a father go for his son? A question that runs trough your mind as you sit and watch ‘Snitch’. Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” plays the main protagonist, John Matthews. Mathews a relentless father who ensures that his son does not fall victim to his own convictions. John Matthews is a simple dynamic character, a stubborn father who changes his guidelines to protect his son.  The father and son have a love that isn’t spoken, but is stronger than anything on this planet. When you look at Mathews you see the feelings he has towards his son, because he knows one of his duties as a father is bestowed upon showing his son a right path. The background of each of the characters are shown in the first half of the movie, letting you know how each character is going to react to the up coming events. Dwayne Johnson’s career has mostly come from his time at ‘WWE’ and his small time action flicks here and there.  ‘Snitch’ is not the typical action movie you are used too. You are taken back in the first half of the film, when you are easily fooled into a drama. Some of the events in the cinematic piece are inspired by true events, giving you that break from fiction to non-fiction. A co-star, by the name Jon Bernthal, also plays a key role with Johnson. Bernthal is best known as the fine fellow who played Shane on the hit show ‘The Walking Dead.’ If any ‘Walking Dead’ fans are out there, we can instantly connect the gritty character he plays on the television show into this film. In the film he plays an ex-con who tries to do good with his family. This uneasy partner-ship continues throughout the movie, in the end it works out to be a duo. Even though Matthews plays a strong father, there are a couple scenes where he is supposed to be a beaten down man, and Matthews is not that guy. This image that Johnson has brought to all of us just doesn’t cut it when he gets overwhelmed by a couple of fellows. The casting for the character Matthews could have been a little different but over-all it is a well put dramatic piece of cinema. If you are looking for a decent plot based movie, then ‘Snitch’ is good for you. Just make sure you look past the People’s Elbow when you are doing so.