Liam Neeson returns

In the new Fall movie “Taken 2,” directed by Oliver Megaton and staring Liam Neeson, the veteran actor reprises his role as Brian Mills, the ex-CIA agent who saved his daughter from human-traffickers in the first film, which is simply titled “Taken.”

In this film, Mills travels out to Istanbul for an undercover job, but while there he decided to invite his Ex-wife and their daughter to come join him since his ex-wife is undergoing yet another divorce and their daughter is still emotionally recovering from being kidnaped and almost sold into trafficking.

The problem begins when the father of the people who kidnapped his daughter in the previous movie is tracking Mills. The father is out for vengeance since Mills killed so many of his sons, in the first movie “Taken” because they killed so many women by selling them to high bidders in prostitution.

Since they do eventually capture most of his family, his daughter goes on a quest of recovery and closure since her kidnappers are still on the chase to kill her family. She goes ahead and takes the initiate to fight back, taking orders from her father, while he is in captivity, to find them and free them so they can all escape. .

Overall the movie “Taken 2” is a well-acted and well-scripted movie. Full of suspense and action, Liam Neeson still has some pretty amazing martial arts moves when it comes to hand in hand combat. The fact that for his age he still does so many of his own stunts is almost unbelievable. The movie is already in theaters and seeing it in IMAX wouldn’t make much of a difference since all around there are loud crashes and noises. This would be a great movie to see when you get a chance it is highly recommended.