Bone chilling “Sinister” scares

Incredibly mysterious and scary “Sinister” was released on Oct. 12.

In this creepy horror flick, Ethan Hawke, most famous for his roles in “The Dead Poets Society”(1989), “Gattaca”(1997)   “Training Day”(2001) stars as a Ellison Oswalt, a crime writer, and father striving to write a hit crime novel but doesn’t seem to have any luck, so he relocates his family to a house where a previous family had been murdered a year previous, hoping to be inspired.

Co-stars include Fred Dalton Thompson  as the sheriff known from his roles in “Die Hard 2” and “In the Line of Fire” and James Ranson playing deputy  known for  his role in “Inside Man.”   Newer actors include Juliet Rylance who plays the Hawke’s wife Tracy Oswalt, Claire Foley plays the daughter Ashley, and Michael Hall D’Addario who plays their son Trevor.

Upon moving into the house, Ellison finds a stack of what seem to be home films in the attic.

As he watches, he views multiple murders of different families over numerous decades.  Each family a different murder, each missing a child after the murders.  Continuing to watch and examine the films Ellison notices a similar figure somewhere in each one, and wants information about these random murder films.  He reaches out to a deputy for more information, and together they find out more and more about the videos and the past similar feature in each.

For a struggling crime writer, these murder films strike something in Ellison. He is ultimately forced to choose between succeeding in his novel writing career, and protecting his family.

Director Scott Derrickson and film writer C. Robert Cargill did a great job at twisting this horror story into a long chain of repeating events.  The movie is different from usual scary movies and keeps the audience wondering, scared, and creeped out until the last minutes with an ending no one sees coming!