Snooki’s baby

We al know Nicole Polizzi as Snooki from the “Jersey Shore” which began in the summer of 2009 and from her recent show “Snooki and Jwoww.” Even more recently she just had a baby boy named Lorenzo Dominic LaVelle that was born on Aug 26.
Baby Lorenzo is one of the top stories we have heard about for a while now and that is of course because his mom is the infamous Snooki who took a punch from another man on the first season of Jersey Shore and also spent a day in jail  for drunken disorderly conduct in public.
Now that Polizzi is a new mom, it’s making everyone wonder how is she going to raise her son. This is a life changing experience for her because she will be staying up every night taking care of baby Lorenzo instead of staying up partying or “smushing” with some man she randomly met at the club.
Polizzi has gone far in the media, from the “Jersey Shore” to her own show “Snooki and Jwoww” and it’s possible they might make a reality show of her life with her fiance Jionni La Valle, whom she met on the third season of “Jersey Shore” and he appears on “Snooki and Jwoww” often as well.
Polizzi has been a big influence on many females when she became famous we have seen her change in style a few times from when she showed the “poof” to leaving her hair down and straight and from her being plus size to her being very thin. Polizzi is not affraid of being in the spotlight.
Polizzi will continue to be in the spotlight because of her life change people will want to know whats going on in her life and she always use social media tweet about what she is doing with baby Lorenzo and how her relationship is going with Jionni. She will keep in touch with the public about her new life with her new family.