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Resident Evil 6 review

Resident Evil 6 is the newest installment in the video game franchise, which brings back veteran characters from previous games as well as introducing new ones.

The player of the game can select and play from four different campaigns making this game quite lengthy. This game will run the player about 23 hours to complete all four stories on the first play through, and if that isn’t enough, there’s also ‘Agent Hunt’ mode and ‘The Mercenaries’ thereafter.

With the new game comes new features, including the ability to melee at any time, dodge at any time, run into a slide, switch shoulder perspective, and take cover on almost any surface. The user interface has also had a major overhaul, which makes switching between weapons, grenades, and healing items easier and faster than the previous Resident Evil games.

Resident Evil 6 can be celebrated for its amazingly beautiful look, with much attention to detail and environment.

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Unfortunately, Resident Evil 6 is, as some may describe as being too action packed.

It nearly strays away from original Resident Evil horror with the absence of gloomy atmosphere, creepy music, and mind-twisting puzzles.

The different campaigns the game offers each presents the player with a separate types of gameplay. Chris’s campaign is the most notable action-packed campaign, following suit to that of Gears of War simply with Resident Evil lore. Jack’s story consists of slightly less action, but only slightly less. With the remaining two adventures, Leon and Ada, actually portray consistency with the slower paced, zombie-filled exploration that Resident Evil fans know and love.

The game has brought some fantastic changes to the franchise, while bringing a few new problems. The camera is great in most instances, but can feel cramped in small corridors filled with enemies. There are simply way too many quick time events that usually result in over the top action movie sequences. It wouldn’t be far too ridiculous if the game just kept to realism. The artificial intelligence isn’t perfect, which many have come to expect, so playing on professional difficulty with a human partner is a necessity.

Resident Evil 6 is a great game; it’s just not perfect, not by a long shot. It’s definitely worth the sixty bucks, but only if the buyer is a huge fan of the series already.

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