October attractions

As always the trend with RHC Arts department, October promises to be a month filled with a wide array of shows, galleries, concerts, and recitals that will not only surely entertain, but also inspire.

The newest show to be put on at the RHC Art Gallery will be an immense overview of six decades of artwork by the talented Yoshio C. Nakamura. The artwork, which will range from watercolor painting, pottery, sculpture and printmaking, will focus primarily on the evolution of Nakamura’s pieces over 60 years of his prolific career. Students who wish to learn more about Nakamura, from his artwork to his long-life, should attend the Reception and Artist Talk on Oct. 4th, from 7:00-8:30pm. The gallery, much like those in the past, such as Ann Faison’s awe-filled and unique pieces, will without a doubt showcase a glimpse into Nakamura’s own retrospective outlook on the life he has lived.

But if art isn’t your cup of tea, the Campus Inn Theatre will be devoting an entire evening to 10-mintues plays performed and directed by RHC students. A majority of the plays will be comedies, because of the short amount of time that each will be. There will be a total of eight plays performed; two will be original works written by RHC students, the other six will be original plays.

These first two events will be taking place in the first few weeks of October and will no doubt be worthy spectacles to come check out, for students young and old, as well as any family that might be interested!

Both the RHC Art Gallery and Campus Inn Theatre are sure to not disappoint, with such heavily artistic and talented shows being put on at Rio Hondo, October will be a month filled with events that every student will enjoy.