‘Finding Nemo’ swims into theaters in 3D

Finding Nemo wasn’t too difficult this time around in Pixar’s release of the animated hit, “Finding Nemo 3D.” The animated production was a hit when it was released in 2003 and this time around it didn’t disappoint.

Audiences were delighted to see the return of the overprotective Marlin the clown fish voiced by Albert Brooks and the forgetful Dory voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, was received with much enthusiasm by all ages. Teenagers who saw the original movie release and those children dragging their parents to the 3D release were not victims of the moan and groan that usually come following the announcement of movies being re-released in 3D.

Much of the fear comes from dedicated fans and movie lovers fearing the cheesy and sometimes overdramatic themes that accompany 3D technology will ruin a potentially great production. However this was not the case when it came to Nemo, in no way did the showy 3D technology overshadow the emotional, comedy-filled story of a dad’s journey to rescue his son and come to terms with his fears of his only child growing up.

Yet even though the 3D graphics didn’t steal the show, many of the characters seemed to get a boost from their newfound closeness with the audience. Most notably Dory took advantage in a memorable moment in the film when Marlin and her are examining the glowing bulb attached to an angler, as well as the subsequent chase that followed was only invigorated by the 3D technology.

For those whom are do not know much of the plot, “Finding Nemo” follows the long journey of Marlin, a clown fish, who loses his wife and much of his children to a hungry barracuda. Only one of his children survives, Nemo, but he suffers from an injured fin that he was born with. Marlin’s past and Nemo’s handicap fin makes him the most overprotective dad in the seven seas, as well as the ironic bearer of terrible jokes despite his species’ namesake.

However Marlin ends up in boiling water when scuba divers take Nemo to Sydney, Australia and he ends up in a fish tank in a dentist office. There he meets a gangly assortment of sea creatures including a French-accented shrimp. Yet this is unbeknownst to Marlin, who then embarks on a rash journey in which he meets Dory, a clan of sea turtles, and school of very creative fish.

Despite some of the bad press that 3D based releases receive, “Finding Nemo” has broken away from that current and swam into much more profitable waters, entertaining audiences just as much as they did nine-years ago.