Adam & Eve

  1. How soon can you fart in front of your partner?


Eve: Honestly ladies if your fart in front of your partner, you are truly a keeper. To me farting in front of  your partner kind of shows you are comfortable and you literally have nothing to hide.  But how soon is too soon? I say never fart on the first date, actually never fart on any of the dates. Give it about 5 months deep into the relationship because I highly doubt your partner would just jump up and leave over a fart, but If they do leave then that means they weren’t the one for you.


Adam: WHOA! That’s a hell of a question! Honestly, well, at least for dudes, it can be challenging keeping them in. Word to the wise: When going on dates, don’t go for the gassy foods. Try something that won’t make you run for the restroom. haha! But to answer the question, it will happen, so when it happens don’t pretend it didn’t happen. Break the ice with a good joke. As far as time frame, if a dude can hold it for six months or more, that’s a Guinness world record.


  1. When your friend is down in the dumps, what can you do to cheer them up?


Eve: Give them six shots of vodka and a snickers ice cream bar, that always cheers me up. But if your friend is an emotionally wreck then skip the shots of vodka and make it two snickers ice cream bars and watch the movie Step Brothers until you both memorized every single line in the film.


Adam: Funny, for some reason a lot of my friends come to me when they’re down. What I do is have a good talk with them. If it’s girl problems, we talk about what happened; how it can be fixed. If it’s about money or other stuff, then we play it by ear. It’s important to know your friends. Everyone is different, so just focus on things that make them happy.


  1. Is it ok to kiss on the first date?


Eve: No you whore!!! Just kidding. It depends because if you been crushing on this person for a long time and they finally asked you then more power to you. But if it was some person you met on Tinder then I say no because most likely you will get herpes.


Adam: I’ve been in this situation before. Guys, be careful. Sometimes if we’re too aggressive on first dates they will freak the f&*k out! Base it on intuition. If the feeling is right, caress her face, maybe start with a soft kiss on the neck; the spot where she checks her pulse. If you see the green light, GO! But always be a gentleman. If she says no, it’s a no.


  1. Adam & Eve tell us your most embarrassing moment and how did you over come it?


Eve: Oh my God, my most embarrassing is pretty embarrassing but I consider all you readers like my BFF now so ill tell you my story. So during this time I was dating  this guy and he invited me over to his house to watch movies and chill (keep in mind this was before the time of netflix and chill) Anyways, we were an hour into the movie and I had to go pee so I get up and all I hear is “ew is that blood?” I bleed all over his damn bed because I just started the monthly curse, it looked like a damn crime scene! Now how did I over come this nightmare, I simply did what I always do when I am embarrassed, laugh like a crazy psycho, but hey it worked since then that guy became my boyfriend.


Adam: dayum! I don’t think I can top poor eve there. haha! Okay, I’ve been on some pickles before, but the one that always comes to mind includes an old coworker, James Bond, and me freaking out!


Here’s the story: I’m taking a coworker on our first date. We have dinner at Mimi’s cafe and check out the new Bond movie which was Skyfall, an amazing movie, by the way. Thirty minutes into the movie she gets really close to me and I hug her. All is well until she gets my hand and starts putting it down her throat till the point where she gagged. Now, I’m confused, but think nothing of it and give her a long kiss. As we’re kissing she’s unzipping her sweater and going for the shirt, and out of no where she starts moaning like a freak! Now, I’m watching her do this, she’s getting louder, and some dudes on the top are cheering her on, and I’m just like, “I need to get out of here!!!”

There’s a lot more to the story but I have to keep it clean. haha